Monday, May 17, 2010

Pick Your Giveaway!

Hi! Hello! How are ya? It's about time I reward you for staying with me thus far through our journey in raising Africa. So far so good right? I pretty much love Cafe Press. I know some of you do too. I couldn't decide what to give away. There are so many choices on their website, especially for dog lovers! Please take a moment to check out the items I selected and help me narrow it down. Just leave a little votey vote vote on the side and stay tuned for the actual giveaway.

A black t-shirt with this awesome quote.

A little tote bag that says "the top 10 reasons to have your pet spayed and neutered were just killed in the shelter"

Or how about this adorable black and white clock to teach your pet how to tell time? That might be a tough trick. How about just an adorable way for you to know what time it is, and exactly when dinner time has arrived for you know who?

Take a second to vote. You never know might be yours!


  1. The tote bag so we khan be more green!

    Great items!


  2. Hi Africa and Kasha!
    Wow you are awarding your readers! That's pawsome. I haven't forgotten you. Mom reads all the blogs (gasp- sometimes at work) and then we don't always get to comment after work. I like the black t-shirt. The quote says it all!
    We'll vote.

  3. I totally voted, but I won't tell you what for. hehehe.

    Cafe press is cool. Of course they did all the Mango Minster gear and we were very impressed with the quality of goods.


  4. Im votin for the tote bag! Functional AND a great message all in one.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  5. How sweet are you to have a give-away?!? We think just reading your blog is reward enough ... but we did vote. :)

  6. That's so sweet of you!!! Watching you and Africa grow together has been a joy. Thank you for letting us be a part of it.

    Jess & Lilo

  7. Cafe Press is great!!! We like the black t-shirt so we can be sure everyone sees all our furs on it:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. We were visiting Khyra & saw your post. Thought we'd stop by & say hi. We like to meet new furiends & if you get a chance, stop by ours & say woof. We'll vote even though we are new to visiting you. That is so great of you to have a contest. Our Mom hasn't gotten that creative yet. It's a hard choice between the black shirt & the tote.

  9. The 3 choices are pawesome... but my mom says she likes a lot the clock!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Well, we decided unanimously -- definitely the clock! Maybe then Jan can tell what time it is. Time to feed the dogs. Time to ...

  11. We would def have to say the tote bag..... then we can carry all of stella stuff in it when we go out! :) your guys are awesome and the blog is awesome! GO BOERBOELS!

  12. Hi Africa!
    We gave you an award today; please stop by when you can!

  13. Hi Africa,
    We just voted (for the clock) cos our mom is obsessed with anything that has a paw print /s!! She just bought this bag that has tiny paw prints all over it to add to her paw print collection.. LOL!!

  14. We would go with the bag! The message it brings across is far more important than to be on time :) And it can be filled with treats too...

    Slobbers Teal'c