Friday, March 27, 2009

Enjoy your puppy!

Our breeder said: "make sure you enjoy your puppy while you can because they grow fast". With Boerboels this is especially true. Africa is growing very fast. It is very important to teach your tricks and command words now. They may seem like they are not listening or learning, but they are. I can tell with Africa that she is becoming more obedient each day as long as I am consistent with the words and training. We review the tricks we want her to learn rewarding with a treat every time she does something right. This will definitely pay off when she is older and much bigger. We also believe that exercise is key for a good dog. We can't take her too far, but short walks make her much more obedient and calm


  1. This is the first time I hear about the Boerboels. Is it a South African breed? Here in West Africa, the local breed is the Azawakh, closely related to the Maroccoan Sloughi. It's a slender hound, very proud, almost catlike, beautiful when fully developed and high on personality. Looking forward to reading up on Africa, even though the connection here is Niger is slow, so it might take some take. Warm greetings!

    Esther & Sheba

  2. Our motto is 'a tired dog is a good dog'. With a very active breed such as the PWD, exercise is most important. If they don't have enough supervised exercise, they'll start inventing their own games and some are unacceptable.