Friday, March 13, 2009

Introducing Africa to another new member of the pack.

Africa is only three days older than our son Jack. Jack is our first child and although it is crazy and somewhat chaotic to have a baby and a puppy, we believe it will be a rewarding experience for Jack as he gets older to know that he is growing with his dog. Also, we wanted Jack to be established as a higher leader in the pack than Africa. It is important to establish leaders and dominance from the very beginning, especially with a large breed like this. She will quickly grow into a dog that is 150-200 pounds. You want to make sure she is going to listen to all the humans in the household. We let her sniff Jack, but established some boundaries like she was not allowed to climb into the chair or lick him too much. Licking often leads to puppy gnawing. That is not okay for our baby or for us. The biting on flesh however soft needs to be stopped from the beginning. Lots of chew toys are needed to help the puppy get through this phase.

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