Wednesday, June 17, 2009

" Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner!"

Can you guess what movie that is from?

Yes that is a pacifier in her mouth!

With our first Boerboel, we thought it was just his personality to follow us around everywhere we went. It turns out it is a characteristic of the Boerboel breed to absolutely be involved in our every move. If I get up to grab the remote, she gets up. Her moves depend on my moves. It is quite interesting, and makes for a great family dog.
She is really good with our son. She loves to lay by him and watch what he is playing with. She gets up and goes to his room when she hears him cry, and loves to give him a lick when I am not fast enough to stop her. However, because they are so loyal and involved, she does get a bit jealous of the little one at times. I will often be holding him in my arms and her head will be resting on my lap with her eyes longing for attention.
With any breed I am sure it is a good idea to make sure they get their own quality time as well. With a dog so devoted to us, it is important that she feels like she gets her own special attention. I don't believe she would ever resent our son, but there are no guarantees with animals. The Husband and I are sure to get down on her level throughout the day and make sure she has her time. Obviously the Husband has more time than me which is why (hence the picture) she reminds me it is her turn.


  1. One of my all time favorites: "Dirty Dancing."

    And what a precious picture. You are right that dogs can be unpredictable but good for you to give her special time.

  2. She is SO adorable!!!
    Tail wags,

  3. Africa

    There's always room for 2 babies in the house. That's a great characteristic to have such a loyalty. I just sat on top of my mom to tell her I had to go outside! She got my message.

  4. Hmmm we think that line is from Dirty Dancing.....are we right?
    That is such a cute photo Africa.

    Noah x

  5. Aw...what a cute picture! Us Danes are like that too - we want to be involved and BE with our humans all the time - we hate to be left out! In fact, when I'm near my human, I like to be touching her somewhere - even if it's just my paw on her sleeve...

    My human says the line is from a movie called "Dirty Dancing" and it's one of her favourites!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. Hey there Kasha and Africa
    What a funny photo! You really have a cute dog! She is truly part of the family and that's the way it should be.
    Take care and lotsaluv
    Max & Co in Sunny South Africa

  7. Africa, there can be two babies!! One hooman and one doggie!!! It's so wonderful that you are so nice to the hooman baby!!!



  8. Happy Father's Day to Africa's great dad.
    Love ya lots

  9. Dirty Dancing....know that line well. :) That is a cute picture and how sweet that Africa is such a loyal dog. Glad she gets her one-on-one time too....that is important. :)

  10. I alwys use the line in restaurants. :-)

    Heads up, I added you to my blogroll. Great photos!