Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reach Out and Touch Someone-

Unless you have been hiding under Africa's water bowl ( I wouldn't recommend it) you already know that these are not the best of times. A bad economy often equals a bad attitude or a negative outlook. With 2.6 million jobs lost last year and perhaps more this year it is no surprise that many people are having a hard time feeling happy.
So I say- reach out and touch someone, and if you are not into giving random people hugs ( that might be creepy) than smile .
Here are some facts about smiles:

• 72% of people think of those who smile frequently as being more confident and successful.

• 86% of people say that they are more likely to strike up conversations with strangers if they are smiling.

• Bosses are 12% more likely to promote people who smile a lot.

• Research shows that 65% of communication is non-verbal (many claim an even higher percentage).

• Non-verbal communication comprises facial expressions, eye movement, gestures, posture, and all other bodily signs-primarily facial expressions.

• The effects of a smile are so powerful that even a smile on the telephone produces positive results.

• When someone comes into a room, people are automatically drawn to their face, and a smile provides a warm greeting.

• Studies show that happiness is a by-product of smiling, not the other way around as most people assume.

• Research shows that when two people in conversation use the same kind of body movements and gestures (such as smiling), they will experience greater empathy for each other, which they may not even consciously notice.

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  1. Hi, Kasha!

    Love the photos and love your blog! (And thanks for the lovely email, are too kind.)

    Adding you to my blogroll now! Have a great day and take care...

    :-D Anna

  2. Beautiful! I love holding paws!

  3. Not to mention that people who hang out with happy people are happier themselves! Smiling is a gift!!
    - C

  4. Hi Kasha,

    Thank you for visiting our blog. We've added your blog to our blog list.

    Dante, Yaffa and Sebastian

  5. AFrica!
    That did make me smile! I hope I reciprocate!

  6. Great advice and of course, the picture is adorable!!! :)

  7. Hey there - Africa (and Kasha)
    We are smiling at you too! We reach out across the oceans and offer you our paws.
    Max &Co in sunny South Africa

  8. Great post. Thanks for encouraging us all to smile.

    I don't think I had laughed as much in the last twenty years as I have since Penny our dog came to live with us four years ago.

    She makes me smile.

  9. Aw, that is so cute! Lovely pictures! Africa looks like such a sweet and tender dog.

  10. Africa, we can't believe your still a pup, your paws are HUGE!! :)

  11. These pictures touched my heart...I can see the love in Africa's eyes.