Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Rough, but Somebody's Gotta do It

My Schedule:

6:30 a.m.- wake up and rattle door on crate so Kasha wakes up
6:31 a.m.- lay head down and pretend to be sleeping so Kasha does not think I tried to wake her up.
7:00 a.m. Eat, poop, and what not
7:15 dig a hole in the middle of the lawn
7:30-8:00 Sunbathe and look at Kasha like I did not just ruin her lawn
8:00 hang out inside and wait for baby to spit up so I can lick up milk
9:00 chew on squeaky toy until Kasha goes crazy
9:30-12:00 p.m. nap
12:00 p.m. to 12:01 Eat lunch
12:02-2 p.m. nap
2- 2:30 chew on other squeaky toy until Kasha goes crazy
3:00 wait until Kasha is preoccupied with baby and steal baby's toy or pacifier to chew on
3:15-5:30 Sleep until LOVER comes home (a.k.a Kasha's husband)
5:30 cuddle and play with Lover until dinner time
6:00 eat dinner
6:05 pretend to like baby in case spit up occurs again
6-8 p.m. follow LOVER around everywhere he goes
8-8:15 Rest heavy head on coffee table
8:15 Go and lay in crate without being told so LOVER does not believe Kasha when she tells him I have been a bad dog
8:16- look extra cute
8:17- sleep with occasional bad dreams so Kasha wakes up thinking the baby is crying.


  1. Hey there, Africa and Kasha
    What and exhausting schedule you have! Congratulations of doing the job so really do look cute!
    Lotsaluv Maxdog in SA

  2. Hi there - nice blog! Thanks for your comments on my blog. When I read this post, my first thought was, wow, Africa lets you sleep in until 6:30?!?

    I'll add you to my blog list. I have a few others to add, it usually just takes me a little while to get around to stuff like that!

  3. Wow, what a heavy schedule you have! It is exhausting! When do you get to take a vacation so you can relax a little? :)

  4. AFrica
    You have to be the busiest dog I know! Please! take a vacation. I'm going to take a nap after reading this post.

  5. thank goodness you have time in there for a few naps!
    Oh... and don't think of it as ruining her lawn... think of it as helping dig a home for a future tree or something.
    Play bows,

  6. Boy, what a busy life you lead! Ours includes going to the door like 8 million times a day so our mom and dad think we need to go out. As soon as one of them gets to the door, we turn around and walk the other way. Heeheehee! It makes them crazy! Also, when we DO go out, we never come in all at the same time. It's soooo much more fun to see someone have to get up 3 times to open the door!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  7. Africa has the whole being an annoying dog thing down and at such a young age. You wonder if they are born knowing or if there is a doggie manual.

  8. OMG.....this made us laugh so hard! :) You get to lick up spit up milk....NO FAIR!! ;)


  9. Africa, that is a very busy schedule you have!!!

    I've never been able to lick up baby milk spit-what does it taste like???



  10. I'm exhausted just thinking about your day!
    - Charlie

  11. "12:00 p.m. to 12:01 Eat lunch" made me laugh. I've had friends time my BB eat with a stop watch. Its a sight to see four cups of food eaten in sixty seconds. It was actually like sixty-seven seconds so Africa may have a paw up on our boy. ;-)

  12. that's a great schedule. you have a very busy day.


  13. yes, I owe everyone some new pictures of Dozer. He's 135lbs now! He's eating seven cups of food a day and we feed him half in the morning and half at night. I dont think three times a day is needed. If Africa is anything like our BB, they will eat all day every day if you let them. I dont know how far back you went on Dozer's blog but we actually over fed him as a pup and had a problem with his legs knuckling over (carpel flexural deformity). He has been a handful from day one but is a true joy. I never get over how such a big beast can be so gentle, loving, and protective....and slobbery ;-)

  14. Wow, Africa, you sure have the human world alll figured out. What a smart dog - and a busy one too! Baby spit-up sounds delicious. Where can I get some?


  15. You have a very busy schedule!!

    You have a great blog.

  16. Hmmmm. There are a lot of naps in there!!! Sounds like a great schedule to me!!! :) Especially with all this heat...103 degrees here lately and humidity of 77-82%! Outside feels like an inferno, it was 100 degrees at 7pm the other night!!! Who wants to ride in this? I did last week and got heat exhaustion!!
    Africa is so cute!!!!

  17. You have my deep sympathy, your job is really rough!
    Take care, love ya lot

  18. You should add to today's list...
    get belly or chin scratch

  19. You sure do have a busy schedule. You eat like Buddy.

  20. That baby spit up business is gross!