Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Africa the lioness

What has Africa been up to?
Well, funny you should ask! Just yesterday this darling little thing came inside slightly bloody because apparently she had devoured a pigeon. I of course freaked out and was concerned as to what had happened. I found the following mess outside. That was super fun, especially the trip to the vet to make sure it wasn't a poisoned dead pigeon that would kill Africa upon consuming. I had crazy dog on the leash in one hand, son in baby carrier on the other, plus a lovely bag of dog puke (just in case they needed that) in my third hand.....wait I don't have a third hand. Know where I can get a third hand? Anyways, it was quite a sight I am sure. The good thing is Africa is fine. I, however, am still recovering.


  1. Our tiny Timmy loves murdering magpies, but since they are about his size, at least he doesn't have much chance of devouring them.

  2. Sorry to hear of this traumatic event, we dog lovers seem to have some very interesting experiences!
    I'd try eBay for that extra hand ;)

  3. A dog's gotta eat right?
    At least you can still pick up Africa right now..


  4. Hehe....she was trying out the BARF diet! Glad the little darling is ok though :D
    We have an award for you....come by and pick it up when you get time!
    Slobbers xx

  5. Oh Africa, I'm glad you're fine!
    I hope the pigeon gone instantly, pain free.
    It was quite a sight.

  6. My Jack Russell is the sworn enemy of any precious little chipmunk within her sight. She would like to rid the world of them altogether if she got her way. She might be willing to learn from Africa on the fine points of Pigeon Hunting. By the way, YES, thank goodness 99% of the dogs on my blog finds homes.Thanks for asking !!! Most of the thanks goes to rescue groups.

  7. Oh, you poor thing! That must have been so upsetting! It makes me recall the time when my Penny was a little puppy and ate a seedhead from a lily and I turned up at the vet's with the bag of poo. She also was okay, I'm glad to report.

  8. Pigeons are never a funny story. Sheba (our Rhodesian ridgeback) caught one when she was four mouths, but we got it out of her mouth as she was plucking away its feathers. Since then, she'd had a few though. I know dogs here in West Africa die of eating fish (no regular habit) but I know of none that have died from eating a pidgeon. So hopefully, our darling will keep safe too!!!