Monday, May 25, 2009

The evidence doesn't lie..... have been up to no good! Dirt on the nose?

Oh thank you for digging up around our sprinkler head. We just bought a foreclosed home and are trying to get it back in shape. We sure appreciate your help in digging up the new lawn.

I suppose you are not aware that you have a piece of paper hanging from your lovely lips. I sure hope that is not the important credit card information I left on the table.

Oh bonus! You dragged it outside to devour it. A muddy torn up document is always better than your usual dry shreds you leave around the house. I think I will go clean that up while you chew on your squeaky toy outside the baby's room during his nap. We sure do love you though!

On a happy note, when I am smart enough to observe her daily chores more closely, the "leave it" and "drop it" command work beautifully. They are starting to pay off. I love that when I do catch her with something terrible in her mouth I can say "drop it" and she immediately gets it out of her mouth. It is best when I use the "leave it" command meaning I catch her before the dirty deed and we avoid the above disasters. What is that saying ? "there are no bad horses, just lousy riders"...something like that. I will get better dearest Africa.


  1. What a terrific job done on the landscaping! It would make any Siberian proud! One time, dig it BIGGER!! Haroooo!!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  2. Hi Africa,

    You look so cute in the first picture!

    Tell your human that she is onto the right idea...I was like you when I was a puppy too and I only learnt my manners because my humans were always watching me and teaching me the correct things to do...
    You sound like you have fantastic "Leave It" and "Drop It" commands...well done! They are really important commands for us dogs to learn.

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Agreed! As long as everyone in the family is consistent and vigilent, you will have perfct manners, Africa. And you will always be a safe and happy girl.

    I love the paper sticking out of your mouth. Hah! So cute.


  4. Hi Africa, that's a pretty impressive big hole you dug there. Shouldn't your Mom be thankful that you devoured the credit card statement, hehe?

    Josh and Jessie

  5. Great job Africa on tearing up the credit card statement! Our mom always groan when she recieves hers, so those statements are baaaaaaad... good on ya for tearing it up and saving your mom the anguish!!

    Wow.. that's an impressive hole too... you were planning to dig and make it bigger so that you and baby can have your very own pool in your backyard, right? You are such a thoughtful pup!!

  6. I need to put in a fence soon. May I borrow Africa for a week? :)

  7. Our Jack Russell thinks she could out dig Africa any day of the week. She is after a Vole in my home garden and God knows how many chipmunks at the lakehouse. We are positive she can hear worms under the ground as she is digging everywhere we go. We are just hoping one day she uncovers some hidden money and makes it all worth while.

  8. Hi again, Africa,

    Glad to hear that my human's email was useful - tell your humans not to hesitate anytime they have more questions!

    By the way, about learning to Stay...tell your humans to be patient!! :-) I am 5 & half years old whereas you're only 4 months old!! Of course, you can't do really long distance stays yet - it takes lots of time and practice...but it is good that you're practising from NOW so that by the time you're older, you will be far ahead of everyone else!

    I also started like you (my humans started training me from the day I came home) and in the beginning, I only learnt easy things...and then they gradually got harder as I got better. It's really important for our humans to set us dogs up to succeed - not to rush us or make the situation too difficult too quickly - coz then we lose confidence and get don't worry! You're doing fine!

    Just remember to remind your humans that in Stay: they MUST come back to you and give you the release word before allowing you to get up. Even if they walk back to you and are standing next to you - you can't get up until they give you the release word...otherwise you will never learn a good Stay. If you get up, they must just put you back down again - very calmly - and say "Stay", step away for a minute, then return, say the release word and then praise/treat you.

    Remember also to practise time as well as distance. So aside from going further and further away, your humans should also stand a a few feet away but make you stay for 10s, then 20s, then up to 1min as a goal.

    And they should also practise "Wait" as well as Stay - so you start to learn the difference between them. Sometimes they say " Stay" and come back to you...other times, they say "Wait" and then call you in an excited voice "Africa! Come!" and maybe run backwards or jump around, to encourage you to run towards them. Big fuss when you get there.

    Happy Training!

    Honey the Great Dane

  9. Hi Africa!
    Sometimes us dogs just can't help but be a little bit naughty! You'll get the hang of it eventually and it sounds like your owner is very committed to making you a happy, healthy and well behaved pup!
    :) Tibby

  10. AFrica
    I agree.. yards need holes. Your just preparing for the planting right???
    It's hard to stay mad at that face.
    oh how did I get my name? The rescue organization gave me that name and mom really thought it fit me. So she kept it. Here in MA there is a town named Norwood so most people think that's it but no.. the rescue did a good job naming me I think.