Sunday, May 17, 2009


My mother hates dogs! Maybe hate is a strong word, but she definitely isn't a fan . She for sure doesn't think they should be in the house. They are dirty, slobbery, and heaven forbid they might have accidents! I'm with her on the accidents! However, since my son was born I will give her credit for tolerating Africa as much as she can. Instead of avoiding my house like she would like to, she decided to make due in order to hang out with her grandson. She simply requested that her guest room be a dog free zone. That was easy enough! Africa gets to roam the entire house. One room to be off limits was an easy wish to grant. Africa is now 4 months old and has been accident free for 2 months now. .....until this weekend. I guess she can sniff out a dog hater and attempted to love her into submission or hate her right back. Africa would sweetly follow my mom around trying to sleep on her feet and rest her head on her lap all day long. Unfortunately it didn't work. So what did she do? While my Mother and I were busy putting my Son's room together Africa somehow got in the forbidden room and scattered and destroyed my mother's makeup and peed the biggest amount of pee ever on her floor. It was discovered when my mom went to her room to get something . I heard "Oh my!" "Oh my!" over and over again. I knew what that meant. The worst thing that could happen, happened. I guess the moral of the story is you must love dogs !


  1. Oh my, Kasha.

    Whenever we have someone new stay in our guest room, Timmy who is about the size of Africa's head will wait until they turn the corner and he hikes his leg up on their door. Fortunately they have all been dog lovers and able to talk him out of expressing his disapproval.

  2. Oh no Africa.
    I hope you could do something to regain grandma's trust!
    I understand you were just curious and wanted to mark your territory.
    When we have house guests, we love to sniff and left our peemails in their room too.

  3. Hehe, way to go Africa! Our Nanny doesn't really like us too much....well, she tolerates us....when we go and visit her we're not allowed in her house so instead we run zoomies around her garden, ruining her lawn and digging up her bulbs...if she let us in we'd probably just curl up and sleep so it serves her right!
    Slobbers xx

  4. He just let granny know he was pissed off with her hateful attitude. You got to admit he went above and beyond trying to win her over and finally just got feed up. She has to accept all your babies and children. Poor Africa !!! Maybe next trip she will pay more attention to him.

  5. Must be something about dogs and grannies. I'm only tolerated (just) in grandma's house - despite being a working dog - working with her autistic grandchild!! I get to go into the kitchen and no further - despite the little man needing me and wanting me to be with him. It's caused a lot of grief (I can tell you!). Funny, how I can stay in hotels, visit restaurants, shops, golf clubs but I'm out of bounds in most of her house! I've even been told to stay out in the garden and be more dog-like!! Think the point of me being trained for 18 months to work with and stay with an autistic child has been lost somewhere!! We sympathise with you Africa!

    lots of woofs

  6. Hi Africa - I saw you on Golden Sammie's blog and thought I'd come over to say hello! I've never heard of a Boerboel before - how interesting! My human really likes doing training stuff too so she is always interested in any blog that talks about training!

    Do come over and visit me sometime -

    Honey the Great Dane

  7. OMD, Africa you are stunning! As soon as my Mommy finds out about a dog breed she has never heard of she spends hours reseaching them & looking at pictures. Love your blog & will have to come back VERY soon! Now to answer your questions about my Mommy's hair. Since you had long hair you know it is time consuming to take care of it(It took so long, & she shed like a puggle! BOL!). Also she was ready for a change, & my Mommy wanted to sell the hair as it is very pretty(she needed some money to buy me treats! YUMMY!). My Daddy was there with her & he was her courage!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  8. WOW, four months old and not an accident since two months? Awesome... with that kind of record it some make up chewing and alittle piddle on the floor of a dog hater's room should be overlooked I say. Grandma is temporary - Puppy is permanent. Grandma needs to learn how to love her other grandchild.

    (all teasing aside that must be difficult to have your mom hate your dog. I am sorry)

  9. Hello Africa! Thanks for visiting our bloggie. My oh my you are a big puppy alright!!!!! :) We'll add you to our blog list, too and will be back again for more of your adventures. Take care,

    Josh and Jess

  10. Hey a dog's instincts never lie. I hope grandma can accept a dog in the family at some time. She should.. she raised a dog lover.
    PS you are quite nimble. I love the pose. And you can come hike with me anytime.

  11. How is it that they know?! :)

    - Anne

  12. G'day Africa
    Thanks for stopping by our blog. We added you to our blog list so now we can catch up.
    We're sure your grandma will soon realise how wonderful dogs are. What's a bit of fur, dirt, pee and poop after all....nah, she'll love ya fur sure.

    Noah x

  13. Hey Africa! We tagged you again...sorry! We wanted someone from each continent and we only know you in Africa (well, you and two Cape Town Beagles who don't blog much at all)
    Don't play if you don't want to though.
    About the excita-piddles, Mum says she would tend to calmly put you outside to reinforce that that's where to go and wee, and not make a fuss....or it's getting you attention. But you're still just a baby and will get excited sometimes. (Gabbi is nearly 2 and she still does it occasionally) The best person to ask is Honey the Great Dane's human, Hsin-Yi ....she's great at training stuff!
    Slobbers xx

  14. Yes, all those pictured in our header live here. So, if Africa keeps you busy, you can imagine Jan has her hands full. Of course, we're always well behaved.


    Okay, we're occasionally well behaved.

    It's great to meet you. We're glad you stopped by.