Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Cure for the Kept Wife?

Lentek 6 Day Automatic Dog & Cat Pet Feeder

Problem: Not that I can afford to go on glamorous vacations or amazing getaways, but since I have had Dear Son and acquired little BIG Africa I have not been able to go very far because of the dog dilemma. Due to Dear Husband's job if I were to leave there would be nobody to feed Africa for 24 hours. Therefore I never go anywhere, but I would like to go somewhere.

You will see in a future post that Africa eats her food up instantly and would be happy to eat herself to death. Where some people can just leave food out and let their polite dog nibble here and there, Africa would eat it all at once and then starve later.

Solution: I woke up this morning with the most brilliant invention idea. How about a contraption of sorts that contains the dog food and only allows a certain amount to be dispensed at a certain time? Well, my dreams of making millions for said glamorous vacations will forever be just dreams because I googled this idea and it has already been invented.....several times actually.

My question is have you lovely pet owners tried such a thing? Obviously we could get a dog sitter, but I would like to take care of Africa without imposing on other people. What are your thoughts and opinions? If you have tried it what is the best brand?


  1. We've never tried something like this before except with the cat. Let us know how it works for you.

  2. Never tried it. Although I can leave my dog for a long period of time, it has to be in the hands of a human, in case anything goes wrong.

  3. Haven't tried it. However my concern would be that the dog would be left roaming in the house, yes? She could easily get into things, go potty in the house, chew while you're away, etc.

  4. wow, sorry for the long post, but here goes..

    Impose!! Realize that BB's (and many pets) require human interaction. Left alone for long periods of time they get destructive. Left alone for long periods of time with a peice of plastic between them and thier dinner and I'm sure even some smaller animals would break the feeder. Did you know Mastiff type dogs have a jaw strength of over 500lbs? The friend who introduced us to BB's would give his boy calf feemers and it would splinter them! Anyway, my point is I doubt your girl would have much trouble tearing into any mass produced feeder. Besides that, she needs someone to keep her company, give her love, and keep her out of trouble. You should socialize her as often as possible. Have freinds, family, and neighbors visit her. Then when you need to go out for awhile those people can let her in and out of the house, give her fresh water, feed her, and make sure shes being a good girl. While speaking of socialization also check with your vet about play days. We would drop our boy off in the morning and pick him at night. They walked him around to meet people and gave him treats often for being good. It allowed him to socialize and associate the vet with fun time instead of just shots.

    We have three dogs total. Boarding was an option before we got the BB. These days we ask family to house sit when we go on trips. Its just easier on everyone.

    New pics are up of Dozer and his pack!

  5. I only get fed twice a day, a cup in the morning and a cup at night. B/c if there were food in my bowl all day I would eat all day. =) Still is a cool idea though

  6. Ditto exactly re: Mason. I get the same amt.of food as Mason and would much all day if it were refilled over and over. So... love your idea but sorry it's already been taken. Keep inventing!
    xo Sammie

  7. His name IS Dozer.. his nick name is Moose, The Moose, or Moosey. He's not quite a cow so moose sounded good. I had to laugh when you said you didn't think Africa was capable of eating door molding. A good freind threatened to put his BB pup on Craigslist for eating the baseboards, wall mouldings, window sills, and then even a hole in the sheet rock. Given enough time left alone they can eat just about anything! A XXL Kong only lasts a couple weeks around Dozer. Thats the toughest toy I can find.

  8. Our dogs are the ones you can leave the food out and they will only eat it when they are good and hungry but I love this idea. If I don't put food in their bowls or water in their bowls noone else around my house would even notice they didn't have any. Can we invent something to alert the rest of the family that the women in the house is not the only one to have to feed, walk and bath the dog.

  9. Hi Africa..

    I too would never let any food sit. I eat early at 5am then not until 6-7pm. My dog trainer uses a Kibble ball which delivers food but also mentally stimulates the dog. CHeck it out.,7100.html


  10. Hey Kasha.
    Save the money for the feeder...better spent on a baby/dog sitter. At lease they can answer a phone...but we understand the problem. Holidays are constant worries, unless you take Africa with you.
    Tonsluv Max &Co

  11. w00fs, nice to meet u and thanks fur coming to see dont eat to fast...unless its a hot dog, me loveeee those...

    b safe,

  12. hi Kasha and Africa! I saw you've been hangin' around at my blog. Glad you find it interesting.At my first glance at yours, I think I'm gonna like yours too! You are a handsome dog and to be honest I never heard of a boerboel but the bigger, the better Mom always says when it comes to dogs. (NO offense to you little dogs. It's just a personal preference) Summertime has us all very busy but I hope to visit here more often.
    You have been added on my blog list.
    Have fun you crazy canine!
    Chester ;0=)

  13. Hi Kasha and Africa
    Did you come up with a solution? Maybe the dr. seuss tongue twisters will keep africa busy all day? Did for me?

    haha. glad you got a good laugh.

  14. Hi Kasha and Africa!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comment. I am happy to meet you and I added you as my friend =)
    Sorry I can´t help you. We never tried that thing before.
    I hope you´re having a great weekend.
    Your new pal,

  15. Hi Kasha,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! As far as the feeder goes, I agree that it's fine for cats but for dogs, no way. I get fed 1/3 cup in the AM and another 1/3 cup in the evening (and assorted treats throughout the day) but I could crack that feeder and I only weigh 22 lbs. And what would you do about going to the bathroom? Mommy never leaves me without a walk for more than 8 to 10 hours.

    If you're bored at home alone, there's a device that will launch toys out at certain times. You can fill a Kong with kibble and cream cheese or peanut butter, then freeze it and that will keep you busy for awhile.

    Mommy knew she wanted a dog that could travel with her, so that's why she chose me, as I can fit in a carrier on an airplane. Maybe your parents just need to take car trips so you can come along!

    Your pal,


  16. Hey Africa, Good to meet you! thanks so much for your kind comments! I'm going to add you to my pals list so I can come and sniff you out again!

    Mom had a feeder like that for cats once...they turned it over in an effort to get to the food- it had a timed spring off lid..which he,hee didn't then couldn't open...silly kittie..though I would do the same..

    Wiry wags n kissies Eric xx

  17. Sounds like a great invention, but our only solution to-date is to take the dog too! Charlie's a very food-oriented dog, but I think that if we weren't here, he would be so depressed, the food wouldn't really matter that much.
    - Anne