Thursday, July 30, 2009

$25 dollars and some change

What does 3 Frisbees, a dog leash, an orange juice container, and a few bruises have in common?

Destruction by Africa

We are back from a great vacation spent with family in Utah. Africa was a fantastic little traveler for the 12 hour drive, but a bit of a disaster once there. $25 dollars is what we owed family for chewed up items, and "some change" is what is going to occur around here as far as her training goes. I am sure you all can relate when I say that perhaps I have gotten wrapped up in other things and have neglected to spend time training Africa DAILY.

Here are some goals:
(Yes Africa does get a little slack since she is still just 6 months old)

- work on jumping up on people
- work on barking
- work on more exercise so the above does not occur.

Other than that we are happy to be back and have missed you all four legged or two!


  1. Welcome back, Africa. I heard you were a bit of a bad girl. Don't worry. With some more training you'll be fine. You're only six months old. You're still a puppy! I bet you're teething too. You need lots of chewies so you don't go destroying things.

    If you're Mom needs some training tips on jumping and chewing, tell her to email me at

    I'm not a barker but other dogs my parents had were and they got over it.

    You're a smart girl - you'll do just fine.


  2. Well..... as my mom says.... "This is why God made puppies so cute." Ha roo roo roo!
    Welcome home; we missed you!
    Tail wags,

  3. Love the sunglasses. Get her a Kong, XXL Extreme version lasts the longest with these power chewers. Dozer loves 'em and it keeps him from chewing other items.

  4. Ahhhhh youre just a baby still.......what's a pair of sunglasses here and there? Love A+A

  5. Aw Africa are you teething? Find anything nice to chew on? Rememeber. Tell Mommy. Can't be as bad as Maise the lab puppy that lives up the road. Last week my neighbour was looking after her and she ATE her back dental plate which she had left on the dresser..haaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa!!!

    Wiry wags n kisses Eric xxxx

  6. Well, puppies will be puppies. Our mom and dad have learned lots of stuff over 20 years of Golden Retrievers. If you don't want it chewed best to put it away, out of sight and definitely out of reach. Exercise does help but aging is the best cure for puppy behavior. Manners, like not jumping on people, etc., can be taught but chewing and barking are a bit more difficult.
    - TBH&K

  7. Welcome back from your vacation!! Loved the pic of Africa.. she looks very chic!! Our dad studied in Utah for a year or so and he likes the place..
    Ummm only $25, Hershey caused at least $250 worth in damaged furniture.. LOL!

  8. Hi Kasha - well seem to me I have just found myself a new favourite blog!! found you through Marjie ( you know with an english mastiff, 9 kids etc.) Africa is absolutely adorable, and it is very entertaining reading about her! and you!:o) I have a 10 months old bull mastiff - you can see him on my blog