Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Perhaps a thank you is in order

It happened. That moment where you are sitting on your couch at night alone with just the baby and the dog and you hear the rattle of the front door handle. This has never happened to you? Well thank goodness. It isn't fun. It has been the biggest fear since I found myself married to someone who's career takes him away some nights. It sends the heart beating so fast and my mind was spinning with reasons why my handle would suddenly jiggle like someone was trying to get in.

Although Africa is large in appearance she is still just 6 months old and does not bark at random noises yet. However, this was an exception. Africa was fast asleep on her bed in the corner, snoring actually. The baby was sound asleep in his crib, and I was probably blogging while sitting on the couch. Faster than the time it took for my heart to drop Africa was off her bed and bolted for the door barking. Not only did the idea of someone trying to open my door surprise me, but the fact that she had that kind of bark in her that I have never heard before really surprised me.

I scrambled for my phone next to me and called 911. After explaining the situation the operator was more than happy to send someone out immediately. I gave her my address and what not and over the course of a few minutes my heart climbed back to its correct position and the blood returned to its normal circulation. I then began to wonder if it was in fact an intruder, or the effects of a windy day. It ended up being nothing (we think), but the point of this is to say
to Africa. You see me complain on here, you see me protest, but this is where I say "thank you".

Who knows what it really was. All I know is that perhaps she scared that person away with that amazing bark. If it was nothing, at least I know that in the future she will do her job, and do it well as a guard dog. Again, you will not have any complaints in this post. We got Africa to love, to keep me company, and to protect. Even as a puppy, I say job well done.


  1. Very impressive instincts for one so young. GO Africa!

  2. Dogs know. I don't know how they know but they do. They know when it's time to use their special bark. They know when we need them. Maybe that's why God gave them to us as companions...because we need them...because they know.

  3. Hi there, Kasha (and Africa)
    Yep, it was one of those reality checks!
    We are so grateful that you are all safe! You have shared what I/we experience on a daily basis here in South Africa! The fear and angst, over time, eats away at you and indeed all you have left is this immense bond of trust between you and your dogs. All four of my dogs are around my feet constantly. They are calm and quiet, but I know that this changes the instant I feel threatened.
    We can only thank God for these amazing creatures..our four-legged companions who fill those insecure places in our lives.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us!...A great post!
    Love Caryl (and Max) in South Africa

  4. One more reason to just ADORE DOGS !!! The moment they enter your world they wrap themselves around your heart and you hold on for the ride as they are so much fun and so loyal and so protective no matter their size. Thank God for Africa !!!

  5. Good girl, Africa. We'd guess if Africa went ferocious, there was someone or something there.

  6. That is so SCARY!!! I have no doubt that someone was there and that's why Africa let out a bark you've never heard before!!! GOOD PUPPY!!!! And good for you for not messing around, but for calling 911!
    Thank God you're all OK. Extra special treats are in order for you and Africa!
    Tail wags,

  7. Wow! Great job, Africa! If it happens again, do your woofing thing loud and clear, just like you did on this night! That must have been very scary and it's amazing how the effects of adrenaline kick in. Good for you to call 911. Hope things go smoother in the future.
    Hugs xo

  8. Well done Africa, I like a good bark as well if I hear something :-)


  9. We have no doubt that Africa knew something was up. Way to go Africa! A true hero.

    Lots of treats,
    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  10. No one in their right mind will want to meet the business end of such a bark. Sometimes our big boy still makes me jump with one of his big barks.

    Good girl Africa!

  11. ONe of the many ways that our dogs repay us! Isn't it wonderful when you see you sweet and gentle dog flip on that switch for you! I bet she has just gotten to the age where that will start. I always reinforce Moose for barking at strange things and re-inforce him for stopping when I tell him it is ok so that he doesn't over do it.
    Glad everyone is safe whatever it was!
    Moose +_ Dana

  12. Right on, Africa! Love that...

    Have a peaceful weekend...

    :-D Anna

  13. Phew. How scary. Glad all was ok. And Africa. What a star girlie. Way to go!!! Good on you. Made everydoggie proud, protecting your Mom and baby brother like that. Take care.

    Wiry kisses, Eric xxx

  14. Oh my goodness! How scary! I worry about someone trying to get in too.. but with 6 big dogs, if they do get in, they deserve everything coming to them.

    Glad it was nothing and hopefully who or what ever it was will think twice about trying to get in with Africa on duty! Good girl Africa!

  15. WAY TO GO AFRICA!!!!! See we have it in us even when we are wee tikes!!!! Love A+A

  16. What a great story. well done Africa!

  17. Hey Africa can we borrow you to chase out all the PUPPY MILL OWNERS and PET STORE OWNERS IN MISSOURI SO WE CAN LOSE THE TITLE OF BEING THE NUMBER ONE PUPPY MILL CAPITAL OF THE UNITED STATES. Such a sad title for such a fabulous state. Love your blog....

  18. Hello new are big for a baby but brave as a lion! Thanks for saving your mom. I bet you made her feel safe. Good job

    Benny & Lily

  19. Wow Africa, good job!! Sheba too started guarding at a early age. She saw some "fishy people" in the dark, faced them and gave one deep oh so clear-in-message bark, letting the whole street know that she was guarding me and meaning business. I love dogs!!!

  20. Ahhhh, way to go Africa!!! The only time Nala really barks is when someone rings our doorbell but as soon as we open the door she is wagging her tail so I don't know how she would really react to an intruder?? I know what you mean about that feeling when you are home alone....I don't like it either. It is spooky to be alone especially when you are used to having someone around. Glad it was nothing.

    Amber & Nala

  21. Very impressive indeed Africa.. good job on protecting your family! Glad that it was nothing, but at the end of the day, all you/ we can say is good thing you have got Africa there... One day when your little boy is old enough to understand, you can share this story with him on how Africa kept you all safe.

    My husband's job takes him away a fair bit too and I am glad to have the dogs for company because I hate being alone at night.. guess it's the fear of the unknown more than people breaking in for my case. (although it doesn't help that sometimes Hershey barks at nothing in particular!)

  22. Great job, Africa! That's what us big doggies are all about! Scaring the "you know what" out of anyone or anything that might mess with our peoples! Keep up the good work!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches