Sunday, July 5, 2009


Boerboels love to eat. Here is Africa eating her lunch. Africa never has a nibble now and the rest later. It is always gone within a minute and this occurs three times a day.


  1. Mom says I must be a boerboel! My dinner lasts about a minute, and if I could get it down faster I would. I used to get lunch when I was littler, now it's just breakfast & dinner. Enjoy it while you can!
    - Charlie

  2. You sure like your food, Africa! Did you even take a breath in between???

  3. Hey Africa
    Join the club of the big munchers! What do these humans expect? You and I probably share a record in demolishing our food.
    Tonsaluv Maxdog in SA

  4. Hi Africa (and Kasha),
    Sadly, neither Huskee or Hershey seem to show much interest in their food most of the time (unless it's human food esp pizzas, bacons, fries, etc..). I'd be so glad if either of them showed as much interest in their food like Africa!
    More importantly, I want to come by and say THANK YOU for the comment you have left on my blog. This is indeed a very dark and difficult time for me and my husband.. we miss Chloe oh so much and my heart shatters just a bit more everytime I think of my princess.

  5. Hey Africa.
    Tucks a big eater too. Never any left-overs. You are both members of the "Momma's Clean Plate Club"

    Lots of treats,
    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  6. She deserves the clean plate award. Have you considered buying stock in the dog food company she eats. Not a bad idea....let me know the name so I can too. She must drink as fast as she eats as her water bowl was empty in the video too. We like her style !!!

  7. I love how you wag your tail while you eat!

  8. Hey Africa-I eat my canned food right away, but then throughout the day I eat my dry food in little kibble piles!!! Yummy food!!



  9. way to eat your food, Africa! you are definitely NOT A POODLE. we like to take a bite, then walk around, look out the window, chew, bark, take a nap, take another bite, walk around, look out the window, sniff a butt, chew, etc. etc. no wonder some of us are skinny. we need lessons from you.


  10. I think you eat about as fast as we do, Africa! Our pawrents' Mini Schnauzer used to free feed throughout the day, but we snarf ours right down and want more! We thought it was because there are 3 of us and if one of us walks away, the other 2 will snarf ALL the food!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  11. She eats that much 3x a day? Jan nearly fainted. She thought we eat a lot. Course, there are more of us.

    That reminds us of Buddy inhaling his food.