Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Waiting Spot

This is the door that Africa's lover returns through anywhere between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. each day. She begins her wait around 4:30 just in case there is an early arrival. Yesterday when he left there was whining from the baby and the dog simultaneously. I sometimes wonder if I would be missed like that. Probably not.

I am in awe of the loyalty a dog can have for their owner. I heard a story of a dog waiting at the bus stop everyday at the same time for when his kind owner would return. The elderly man died one day, but the dog continued to walk to the bus stop and wait for him each day. It breaks your heart, but also makes me very happy to know that such love and loyalty still exists even today.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Obedient One

Guess what I am learning?
Puppies are SO much easier to raise than little tiny baby boys. South African Boerboels are not only better then kids, they are so much more obedient. The picture depicts a typical moment of every day. Commands such as "drop it", "leave it", and "stay" are obeyed by the dog, but not with the boy. Sometimes we forget who we are talking to and actually say to our little Jack to "drop it" when he is holding something he shouldn't.

While Africa sits or lays around for most of the day. Jack is walking, crawling, and opening everything everywhere. I think Africa gets tired just watching him. I know I do.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear Africa

Dear Africa,

I love you.

There I said it, and I really mean it. Look how far we have come in one year! In fact, I looked back at my posts in April of last year and I definitely didn't love you then. They make puppies little and cute for a reason, but you grew up so fast and yet still remained a puppy that I really had high expectations for you.

I'm sorry. That wasn't fair to you. You couldn't help that you seemed to gain 10 pounds every week (slight exaggeration), but still behaved like a puppy. You still do behave like a puppy, but more like a teenager. You know you have limits and boundaries and you only try to challenge them sometimes. You still argue with me and want me to believe you know more than me, but in the end you respect me enough to finally listen. I do believe that once your turn 21 you will not only be able to drink legally, but will probably become my true best friend.

You heard me right. I said best friend. I know you have a lover, but I think that you and I will become old souls together as so many people do with their pets. You mostly sleep all day and all night. Do you know how nice that is? You are the perfect baby. The other baby around here gets in trouble so much more than you ever do. Sometimes I wish he would take after you and just lay around all day.

I believe the lifespan of a Boerboel is around 12 years. I watch my son crawl over to you and then scoot backwards so he can rest his head on you and watch television at least once a day. He spends the rest of the day checking your teeth, ears, and tail for who knows what. You are so perfect with him. People that don't like dogs are starting to like you just because of how good you are with the little one. You are my hero. Especially when you are outside doing your thing and the little one will stare out the window at you for hours allowing me to get some cleaning done. 12 years from now will be the hardest life lesson my son will of had to learn I think. You are becoming his best friend more than I, or my husband will ever be. Thank you for being so patient and so kind.

Do you forgive me? I really want you to like me back. I think us girls could really get along now. Please remember that it is I that washes all of your bedding weekly, feeds you morning and night, and lets you out whenever you so desire. That counts for something right? I also can't thank you enough for weighing in at 120 pounds. It is great for my self-esteem to be able to say my dog is bigger than me. Also, thanks for letting me come down to your level the other night and cuddle for a few. I was really lonely that night.

Keep up the good work my new B.F.F!