Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kasha meet Kasha

Through this blog I met a new friend and her gorgeous Great Dane. She contacted me wanting to know if my name was truly Kasha because she has a dog named Kasha. Meeting another Kasha was the first for both of us! D as I will call her also taught me a thing or two about my name!

Kasha is the….

short form of Katarzyna and a variation of Kathleen,Katherine, Karen, Katie, Karrie Meaning Pure, Beloved of God .It is of Polish origin.

Kasha is also….

boiled or baked buckwheat. This I knew, but prefer the above meaning more. Nothing like telling people my name means cracked wheat. I am a little crazy so I guess this fits.

UPDATE This comment was left by the owner of Kasha the dog.

Hi Everyone,

I'm Kasha's (the Great Dane's)human. It's been nice to meet Kasha (the human) and Africa through her blog and it's been fun. I never thought I'd meet another Kasha. It truely is a small world.

I don't have a blog yet but I do want to start one (I just have to get to it). I love reading all the dog blogs out there so keep posting and sharing everyone.

AARF Kasha (the Great Dane) & Denise

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Words to live by

I just saw this bumper sticker that said something like
"Lord help me be the kind of person my dog thinks I am."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clean puppy is not a happy puppy

When bath time is scented Africa runs into her crate and refuses to come out. She doesn't want treats and she doesn't want to be clean. I sure love a clean dog though. Here is Africa in the shower dreaming she was playing in the dirt outside instead.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pick on Someone Your Own Size!

Africa has finally met her match. Leo, a Rhodesian Ridgeback just moved into town! They played together for the first time the other night and had a great time. Leo was older and quite a bit more classy. Africa was immature and goofy. She slobbered all over his gorgeous coat and relentlessly chased him around the yard. Amazingly enough it did not get old until 5 hours later.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Top Ten Weirdest Laughs

They will hopefully make you laugh too!

#10 Cute Girl Weird Laugh

#9 Weirdest Laugh In School

#8 Weirdest Work Laugh

#7 Weirdest Game Show Laugh

#6 Weirdest Boy Laugh

#5 Go on a date with this crazy laugh!

#4 Insane Baby Laugh

#3 Shopping Lady Laugh (Most Bizarre)

#2 Farmer Joe Laugh (skip to 1:46)

#1 The number one Worst Laugh!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I've Been Tagged, which is much more fun than being "marked"! Ha Ha

The cutest Murphy I have ever seen tagged us with this fun question.

What are 6 things that make Africa happy?!
(What doesn't!?)

First: Her Lobster!

This $15.00 toy might of been worth the money because for 2 months now she has been trying to destroy it and hasn't quite succeeded. Nothing like watching a South African Boerboel carrying around a lobster everywhere she goes.

Second: Her crate!

Remember in the beginning when I whined about the long nights with this puppy hating to be locked up in her crate? Well now she goes in there all day with the door open. For such a big dog it doesn't seem that comfortable.

Third: Eating stuff (especially stuff that is off limits)

Africa is happy to eat baby toys and other things that are not hers to destroy, and I just discovered she is happy to hide them under the couch.

Fourth: Eating

It has been said that a Boerboel could eat themselves to death. Africa would be happy to eat and eat until she popped. She and I have that in common.

Fifth: Fetch

Happiness is a good game of fetch or keep away depending on who is playing with her.

The sixth thing that makes Africa really happy is just basking in the sunlight like she is doing right now.

Go ahead Africa. You deserve it. It has been on hot summer! Thank you September!

That was fun! Thank you Murphy!
I tag:
1.Norwood who always has something funny to say.
2.Benson and Lily I have got to learn more about these two characters.
3. Czarina's Corner Who are you going to pick to highlight?
4.Huskee and Hershey I love these guys!
5. Bae Bae A hamster should be fun to learn about!
6.Inky and Molly What makes you happy besides living in Australia!?

Please tag six more lovely friends if you choose to do this!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Did You Know?

I don't know where I have been because apparently this fact has been known since 2005. Did you know dogs can sniff out cancer?

According to my research, several studies show that dogs can detect lung and breast cancer even earlier than CT scans and mammograms. How is this possible? Cancer patients have been shown to have traces of chemicals such as alkanes and benzene derivatives - in their breath, and other studies have shown dogs can detect chemicals in concentrations as small as a few parts per trillions.

This theory first came about when a dog alerted its owner of a melanoma by constantly sniffing the skin lesion. This case led to tests done with dogs sniffing out bladder cancer and then on to breast cancer and lung cancer.

Not that you need yet another reason to love your dog, but give your dog and stupendous sniffer a little love today.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Best Friends Forever? Definitely for now, but when the boy starts crawling it could be less fun for Africa. In preparation for this we have been making it a point that when feeding Africa we stick our hand in her food dish and mess around so that she will be used to the idea of little hands perhaps disturbing her while eating.

We of course will try to avoid having our son ever interrupt her when she is eating, but think it is good training for any puppy. Africa does not care if we reach in her bowl and take food out or stir it around. I think it especially helps with an aggressive dog. Lee Charles Kelly also thinks this is important and explains an even better technique called "the pushing exercise" here. His technique is so good it will help a difficult dog become more calm and obedient all together.

Any thoughts, opinions, comments?