Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I can't wait to see your crazy costumes!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Lovie- noun 1. an object or thing used to give one comfort. Usually a teddy bear, small blanket, or something soft that creates an attachment and aides in sleeping or sad times.

The baby has had a LOVIE for quite some time. He takes it wherever he can, but especially must have it when sleeping.

There are only so many times I can watch the nasty crate blankets so I recently purchased some new soft blankets at a local Goodwill store. Africa made best friends with this blanket and has turned it into her own LOVIE. She drags it out of her crate when she can. We didn't pose her either. She really seems to be hugging it as she should.

Don't we all just need a LOVIE?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Neighborhood Dog Killer?

I thought that might get your attention. It sure has mine! Remember my post about the mysterious death of Lola the next door neighbor's dog and the near death of dearest Bruce? Well I thought it was strange that my great neighbor's would neglect their dogs in such a way and it turns out it wasn't them. I know we all decided it must of been the heat, but according to Africa's lover they might have been poisoned.

My husband had a conversation recently with them recently and is happy to report that Bruce is starting to get better. He has won himself a permanent position inside the house so that is great news.Poor Africa no longer has friends to share a fence with, but she will get over it I think. Here is where it gets creepy.

In the house across the street lives the suspects. I have never met these folks, but I thought they were OK because they had a sweet German Shepard and seemed like really devoted owners. Well it turns out the dog has passed away from old age which is very sad. It is even more sad because I guess the wife of the household has gone crazy. I mean off her rocker crazy, cuckoo, nutty as a fruitcake, just got out of the loony bin crazy. Am I missing any more synonyms?

She is apparently extremely distraught over the death of her dog and has become jealous of other people that still have dogs. So when our neighbor's left for a little vacation she threw a poisoned piece of meat over the fence. Lola ate most of it, and Bruce must of eaten a small part of it. They said that she has seemed very strange before, so once the vet confirmed that the cause of death was poison they became concerned that it was in fact the crazy neighbor.

There is no proof and it is hard to believe that anyone would want to do such a thing, but now I am concerned for our Africa. Do I bake a cake for the crazy lady and try to become friends so she doesn't go after Africa? Do we keep Africa from going outside? We have decided to check the yard every morning to check for poisoned meat and what not, but this is concerning to say the least. Please don't kill my dog.

Update: I should make it clear that this could just be a rumor, but we will treat it like it is true and watch over Africa. Thank you for your great advice and concern. We sure appreciate all of you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Why I Don't Like to Watch the News

Photo Detail - Phoenix Arizona news, breaking news, local news, weather radar, traffic from ABC15 News | click on the link for 3 pictures.

A woman walking walking her dog in the Encanto Park in Phoenix,Arizona found this poor creature abandoned under a picnic table. Upon examination under the shirt she discovered that the dog's legs had been hogtied. The dog was starved and very scared. It kind of makes you sick doesn't it?

Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm just sayin!

Do dogs know who to pick on? Does Africa go to bed at night not before taking one last look at her to do list
"pick on Kasha, ......CHECK!"
Perhaps she notices that I am often preoccupied with oh I don't know that cute squishy baby that resembles me? Or maybe I'm busy cleaning up all of the little pieces of who knows what she leaves everywhere. Most likely I am cleaning up after her lover that still hasn't learned to clean up after himself 28 years later. Either way, I'm busy you know!

Here we have my black shoe that I did not leave outside and I most certainly did not chew off the strap to take it off.

Here we have my blue flip flop, or what was once a cute sandal. She doesn't really look sorry now does she? The mates to those shoes are rather lonely now. I'm just sayin!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dog For Hire

I love FALL. Don't you? The leaves start to change and fall of the trees. The weather is cooler. It is my favorite season. That is, if I lived in a place that wasn't a desert. Here you will find a palm tree in our yard that does not change into pretty colors. It was green once, and now it is yellow. The leaves do not fall off of it into a fun pile to jump into, you have to cute the branches off. We like to make it even more different by adding a dog instead of a rake that will help remove the branches once cut. Do you have one of these employees? No?! Well she is for hire. I am pretty sure she will work for food.

Happy Fall!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why Dogs Bite People

I can't wait to see your pet's Halloween Costume!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Well Shucks!

I really want to give a big thank you to Abbey for my blog award. If you haven't met this great lady and her gorgeous Great Dane's head on over to Danes Down Under.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I've seen it done a hundred times. Africa's lover, my occasional husband, comes home every night and after dinner and baby time he lays on the floor and cuddles with Africa. I roll my eyes and think of a thousand things I could be doing (so should he) instead of spooning with the dog.

Don't tell my husband this, but the other night I tried it. The husband was at the fire station. The baby was down for the night and it was soon to be bedtime for me. As usual Africa was hanging out wherever I was. She looked so at peace with herself. I am often jealous of her demeanor. How nice would it be to truly just relax at the end of the day. She gave me that adorable look that I can usually ignore, but for some reason I didn't.

I laid down on the floor next to her, she scooted up close to me and laid her head in the crook of my arm. It was quite nice. I mean really nice. She was just as surprised as I was at how truly comfortable it was. She moved a little closer to me and I continued petting her puppy soft head. I think we both sighed. It was just a good moment.

I think that is why we are blessed with dogs. They have a way of reminding you of what is truly important. Even when they spend all day chewing little items you once needed, you realize it really isn't that important. The idea is that slowly over time she can perhaps teach me that whether she is to blame or not, I can live without things that are not truly not important. I can take moments to pause and appreciate what is important, and I should not live without moments like we had the other day.