Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Africa Needs Your Help With Her New Years Resolution

So you know how I had a baby and then got a puppy at the same time? Great idea right? Well our lack of training in one particular area has come back to haunt us. I would say it "has come back to bite us", but that would be confusing, and biting isn't the problem. The problem is POOPING. Yes big letters for that because it is now a big problem. The problem is all my fault for not thinking ahead and considering if Africa should get free range of the property to poop where she wants. At the time of becoming a new parent to two very different creatures I was just grateful if my pet was getting house broken. She is indeed house broken, but now I am wishing that I had taught her to poop in the far corner of our huge lot away from the house and grass. She will only pee and poop on the grass currently. Can you blame her? No. Grass would be my choice too, but I would love it if she could learn to pee on the grass and poop on the dirt. It would make cleanup easier and our son would have a nice patch of grass to play in one day. With a large dog like this you can imagine the size of .....well you get the idea. So no matter how often we clean it up, the grass doesn't stand a chance unless we do something about it.

Solution one: We thought that if we took her on her leash every time she wanted to go out and took her to the same corner she would learn to go there. Well she has become quite the little princess and seems to not even consider going in the dirt. I shouldn't give up after one day, but I fear it has confused her enough that she hasn't pooped since yesterday. I am sure she will, but I don't want to cause any intestinal problems.

Solution two: Put a barrier around the grass so she doesn't have a choice. Well her lover doesn't care where she poops and pees so I would not be getting any help if I wanted to go constructing anything. Also it is a fairly large patch of grass and would require a lot of money for such a project.

Africa's only goal for 2010 is to cease in ruining the grass. I think it is a worthy goal and would like to help her in any way. Please give us your tips and ideas . We would be ever so grateful to meet this goal in the very near future. Happy New Years!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Africa

Dear Africa,
I found you! I checked South Africa first, but only found your very extended family of Boerboels there. I am happy to see you growing so big and beautiful in a similar climate. 2009 has been good to everyone, especially you. I have heard of all the lovely extra "toys" you help yourself to each day. I am sorry to say that there has been times that I was informed you have been very naughty and to go ahead and skip your house. Thank goodness you are growing out of that behavior. I told Kasha it should hopefully just take time as you still have a year in puppyhood.

I am sorry to say that even up to this last week it has been up in the air as to whether or not Christmas was coming to your house. Diapers, bras, and sprinkler heads are still not for you no matter how many times you try. I am just letting you know because as an owner of eight reindeer I understand how pets can be and I want you to have a better year in 2010. So keep growing, keep loving, and for heavens sakes BE loved.

Don't worry. You really are loved even by that darn Kasha. She requested that you get the very biggest thing on your wish list which was a second doggy bed. You now have one in your bedroom and one in the family room so you always have a soft place to rest.

Merry Christmas Africa and Merry Christmas to all who read this!

Santa Clause

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Still Thankful #3

The countdown til Christmas continues. We are grateful for TOUCH. Africa, as does every dog, thrives on touch. Just as quick as I can get upset over whatever shenanigans she gets into constantly, she will turn right around and want some petting. Isn't that something? Dogs have such a way of teaching forgiveness and the importance of reaching out to touch someone.

Tis the season to leave gifts for the mail man, the garbage man, and all the other people we tend to take for granted throughout the year. We reach out and "touch" people in a way we are often afraid to do the rest of the year. There is a great deal of accusations thrown around in regards to being inappropriate. People are unable to hug and be kind as freely. It is now either legitimately wrong, or falsely perceived as wrong. I watch people approach my son and he immediately reaches out to touch them because he doesn't know better. To him, people are just people and they all seem very easy to love and adore. Why did we have to grow up and become so cautious?

What happened to the freedom to constantly reach out to people in need of a hug or a thoughtful gesture? I am so thankful for the strangers that are kind to me. People who go out of the way to make eye contact, smile, or say something nice. I am so thankful for the kind COMMENTS that people take the time to leave. They touch my heart and keep me going. I am thankful that the right kind of "touch" hasn't become extinct yet. There are still a few that get it. I hope that someone or some critter touches you this season, and thanks for reaching out to us.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Still Thankful #2

We are thankful for peace. Africa is able to find peace after a long day of playing or an escape to her bed from the tiny hands that love to examine her eyes and ears carefully. I am grateful for peace that is found not just because of this time of year, but the solace, the stillness, the escape from worry that is found within my home always.

There is so much evil going on in this world. It is difficult to not get wrapped up in the chaos and fear. I am so grateful that I can turn off the T.V and remind myself that I have my family and I know why we are here and that there is so much to look forward to after this life. If we stay on the right track and remember who we are there can be peace 365 days of the year.

We would like to suggest turning off any distractions, grab your loved ones furry or not, plug in your Christmas tree, and sit and be still for a moment. What a great time to reflect on what is most important and how to keep the "peace" alive.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Still Thankful!

Africa and I want to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive by giving thanks to pass the time until Christmas comes. Feel free to play along! Make sure you let us know if you do.

Africa is thankful for her friend, Leo.

Leo is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

He is the perfect size for Africa.

I too am thankful for friendship. I am grateful to all of our blogging pals of whom we have so much in common with. Friends make the world go around and in Africa's case, the ground shake.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

(sorry about the gender confusion Africa)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Motivational Posters

(I take no credit for these clever little things!) (I stole this from my email!)

Monday, November 9, 2009


I guess you never forget those four legged friends that leave this life . Am I ever going to stop missing him? His name was Tonka. He was our first Boerboel. I confess I was nervous about getting him. I grew up in a home that never allowed any pets in the house. I was excited to have my own dog in my own house, however, when the day came to pick him up I was nervous. What was it like to have a pet of your own? We researched and pondered the perfect breed for us. We knew we wanted a large breed that was great with kids, but also a great guard dog. My husband brought him home and placed him in my arms. I was right to be nervous. It was scary to love a creature so much.

We were newly married. I found myself alone quite a bit as my husband began his quest in becoming a firefighter for his dream station. Tonka sat while I put on my makeup in the morning watching me in the mirror. He followed me from room to room never leaving my side. He would have these moments of energy where he would run and run around our tiny little condo and make us laugh. We couldn't wait to give him a bigger house with a yard to really run in. The husband took him to work with him at the wood shop every day and the two became inseparable. He was our first dog together. He was my friend and my guardian when the husband was away. On our walks if someone shared the same sidewalk he would move in front of me placing himself as a barrier between me and the stranger and sat until they moved on.

Then one day we couldn't go on walks together and there were no more bursts of energy around the condo. He started with falling down a lot and then progressed to barely being able to move. He was the pick of the litter. He gathered crowds around when we took him out because of his size and looks. Suddenly we were helping this 130 pound dog walk. We got the diagnoses that he had Wobbler's disease. We knew it would only get worse and there wasn't a cure, but we couldn't imagine not having that sweet big face every where we went.

One sad afternoon we knew he didn't want to be around anymore. There is something so humbling and awful watching my husband a stereotypical firefighter lifting his best friend into the car for the last time. With tears in our eyes we silently drove him to the vet. I am the emotional one and yet I had the be the strong one. I signed the paperwork and watched as the two came to an understanding of what was necessary.

I thought it was supposed to be peaceful. We knew it was necessary, but it didn't seem right lifting this large dog to the table and having him look at us with such trust and love. We did make the right decision for him, but it wasn't peaceful. My husband, still dressed in his firefighting uniform was eye to eye with him, whispering" you are such a good dog, you are such a good boy, it's OK......." Then the tears really started to fall. This sight was new to me. Never had I loved a pet so much and never had I seen my husband so sad and not ashamed to show it.
"He is gone now, take your time to say goodbye" said the vet.

That was it. No more Tonka. At only 18 months old and larger than life he instantly became just a memory. He left a permanent paw print on our hearts, but he just barely tasted life. We have the bigger house now with the large yard and often I think of him and wonder what it would be like for him to experience this with us. I feel bad comparing Africa to him, but it is hard not to sometimes. All dogs have different personalities and his was pretty awesome. I guess we never forget. If I had to pick just one thing about him that I really do miss is the image of him sitting in the front seat of the car with the husband tall like a human as they drove off to work. It was like they were two men carpooling to work together. He would often look over at Josh and then forward again like they were having a conversation. If he could talk to us now, I think he would say
"I can run now, don't be sad."

What is your favorite memory of your first pet?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dinner For Two plus mud

There is nothing more enjoyable to be then dinner with my husband. I love to research, plan , and prepare a meal all day. He comes home after being gone for 36 hours and what a treat it is.

Husband: "How was your day?"

Me: "Good! How was the fire station?" "Anything crazy happen?"

Husband:" Yes, we got this one call for difficulty breathing........."

(In rushes Africa behind me and under the table)

Husband:" Holy crap!" (As he rushes towards Africa)

Me: "What's wrong!?"

Husband: " Look at her!"

Me: "Oh, I'll get the hose..."(As I shovel in my food)

Yes, dinner with my husband is my favorite part of the day.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I can't wait to see your crazy costumes!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Lovie- noun 1. an object or thing used to give one comfort. Usually a teddy bear, small blanket, or something soft that creates an attachment and aides in sleeping or sad times.

The baby has had a LOVIE for quite some time. He takes it wherever he can, but especially must have it when sleeping.

There are only so many times I can watch the nasty crate blankets so I recently purchased some new soft blankets at a local Goodwill store. Africa made best friends with this blanket and has turned it into her own LOVIE. She drags it out of her crate when she can. We didn't pose her either. She really seems to be hugging it as she should.

Don't we all just need a LOVIE?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Neighborhood Dog Killer?

I thought that might get your attention. It sure has mine! Remember my post about the mysterious death of Lola the next door neighbor's dog and the near death of dearest Bruce? Well I thought it was strange that my great neighbor's would neglect their dogs in such a way and it turns out it wasn't them. I know we all decided it must of been the heat, but according to Africa's lover they might have been poisoned.

My husband had a conversation recently with them recently and is happy to report that Bruce is starting to get better. He has won himself a permanent position inside the house so that is great news.Poor Africa no longer has friends to share a fence with, but she will get over it I think. Here is where it gets creepy.

In the house across the street lives the suspects. I have never met these folks, but I thought they were OK because they had a sweet German Shepard and seemed like really devoted owners. Well it turns out the dog has passed away from old age which is very sad. It is even more sad because I guess the wife of the household has gone crazy. I mean off her rocker crazy, cuckoo, nutty as a fruitcake, just got out of the loony bin crazy. Am I missing any more synonyms?

She is apparently extremely distraught over the death of her dog and has become jealous of other people that still have dogs. So when our neighbor's left for a little vacation she threw a poisoned piece of meat over the fence. Lola ate most of it, and Bruce must of eaten a small part of it. They said that she has seemed very strange before, so once the vet confirmed that the cause of death was poison they became concerned that it was in fact the crazy neighbor.

There is no proof and it is hard to believe that anyone would want to do such a thing, but now I am concerned for our Africa. Do I bake a cake for the crazy lady and try to become friends so she doesn't go after Africa? Do we keep Africa from going outside? We have decided to check the yard every morning to check for poisoned meat and what not, but this is concerning to say the least. Please don't kill my dog.

Update: I should make it clear that this could just be a rumor, but we will treat it like it is true and watch over Africa. Thank you for your great advice and concern. We sure appreciate all of you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Why I Don't Like to Watch the News

Photo Detail - Phoenix Arizona news, breaking news, local news, weather radar, traffic from ABC15 News | click on the link for 3 pictures.

A woman walking walking her dog in the Encanto Park in Phoenix,Arizona found this poor creature abandoned under a picnic table. Upon examination under the shirt she discovered that the dog's legs had been hogtied. The dog was starved and very scared. It kind of makes you sick doesn't it?

Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm just sayin!

Do dogs know who to pick on? Does Africa go to bed at night not before taking one last look at her to do list
"pick on Kasha, ......CHECK!"
Perhaps she notices that I am often preoccupied with oh I don't know that cute squishy baby that resembles me? Or maybe I'm busy cleaning up all of the little pieces of who knows what she leaves everywhere. Most likely I am cleaning up after her lover that still hasn't learned to clean up after himself 28 years later. Either way, I'm busy you know!

Here we have my black shoe that I did not leave outside and I most certainly did not chew off the strap to take it off.

Here we have my blue flip flop, or what was once a cute sandal. She doesn't really look sorry now does she? The mates to those shoes are rather lonely now. I'm just sayin!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dog For Hire

I love FALL. Don't you? The leaves start to change and fall of the trees. The weather is cooler. It is my favorite season. That is, if I lived in a place that wasn't a desert. Here you will find a palm tree in our yard that does not change into pretty colors. It was green once, and now it is yellow. The leaves do not fall off of it into a fun pile to jump into, you have to cute the branches off. We like to make it even more different by adding a dog instead of a rake that will help remove the branches once cut. Do you have one of these employees? No?! Well she is for hire. I am pretty sure she will work for food.

Happy Fall!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why Dogs Bite People

I can't wait to see your pet's Halloween Costume!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Well Shucks!

I really want to give a big thank you to Abbey for my blog award. If you haven't met this great lady and her gorgeous Great Dane's head on over to Danes Down Under.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I've seen it done a hundred times. Africa's lover, my occasional husband, comes home every night and after dinner and baby time he lays on the floor and cuddles with Africa. I roll my eyes and think of a thousand things I could be doing (so should he) instead of spooning with the dog.

Don't tell my husband this, but the other night I tried it. The husband was at the fire station. The baby was down for the night and it was soon to be bedtime for me. As usual Africa was hanging out wherever I was. She looked so at peace with herself. I am often jealous of her demeanor. How nice would it be to truly just relax at the end of the day. She gave me that adorable look that I can usually ignore, but for some reason I didn't.

I laid down on the floor next to her, she scooted up close to me and laid her head in the crook of my arm. It was quite nice. I mean really nice. She was just as surprised as I was at how truly comfortable it was. She moved a little closer to me and I continued petting her puppy soft head. I think we both sighed. It was just a good moment.

I think that is why we are blessed with dogs. They have a way of reminding you of what is truly important. Even when they spend all day chewing little items you once needed, you realize it really isn't that important. The idea is that slowly over time she can perhaps teach me that whether she is to blame or not, I can live without things that are not truly not important. I can take moments to pause and appreciate what is important, and I should not live without moments like we had the other day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kasha meet Kasha

Through this blog I met a new friend and her gorgeous Great Dane. She contacted me wanting to know if my name was truly Kasha because she has a dog named Kasha. Meeting another Kasha was the first for both of us! D as I will call her also taught me a thing or two about my name!

Kasha is the….

short form of Katarzyna and a variation of Kathleen,Katherine, Karen, Katie, Karrie Meaning Pure, Beloved of God .It is of Polish origin.

Kasha is also….

boiled or baked buckwheat. This I knew, but prefer the above meaning more. Nothing like telling people my name means cracked wheat. I am a little crazy so I guess this fits.

UPDATE This comment was left by the owner of Kasha the dog.

Hi Everyone,

I'm Kasha's (the Great Dane's)human. It's been nice to meet Kasha (the human) and Africa through her blog and it's been fun. I never thought I'd meet another Kasha. It truely is a small world.

I don't have a blog yet but I do want to start one (I just have to get to it). I love reading all the dog blogs out there so keep posting and sharing everyone.

AARF Kasha (the Great Dane) & Denise

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Words to live by

I just saw this bumper sticker that said something like
"Lord help me be the kind of person my dog thinks I am."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clean puppy is not a happy puppy

When bath time is scented Africa runs into her crate and refuses to come out. She doesn't want treats and she doesn't want to be clean. I sure love a clean dog though. Here is Africa in the shower dreaming she was playing in the dirt outside instead.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pick on Someone Your Own Size!

Africa has finally met her match. Leo, a Rhodesian Ridgeback just moved into town! They played together for the first time the other night and had a great time. Leo was older and quite a bit more classy. Africa was immature and goofy. She slobbered all over his gorgeous coat and relentlessly chased him around the yard. Amazingly enough it did not get old until 5 hours later.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Top Ten Weirdest Laughs

They will hopefully make you laugh too!

#10 Cute Girl Weird Laugh

#9 Weirdest Laugh In School

#8 Weirdest Work Laugh

#7 Weirdest Game Show Laugh

#6 Weirdest Boy Laugh

#5 Go on a date with this crazy laugh!

#4 Insane Baby Laugh

#3 Shopping Lady Laugh (Most Bizarre)

#2 Farmer Joe Laugh (skip to 1:46)

#1 The number one Worst Laugh!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I've Been Tagged, which is much more fun than being "marked"! Ha Ha

The cutest Murphy I have ever seen tagged us with this fun question.

What are 6 things that make Africa happy?!
(What doesn't!?)

First: Her Lobster!

This $15.00 toy might of been worth the money because for 2 months now she has been trying to destroy it and hasn't quite succeeded. Nothing like watching a South African Boerboel carrying around a lobster everywhere she goes.

Second: Her crate!

Remember in the beginning when I whined about the long nights with this puppy hating to be locked up in her crate? Well now she goes in there all day with the door open. For such a big dog it doesn't seem that comfortable.

Third: Eating stuff (especially stuff that is off limits)

Africa is happy to eat baby toys and other things that are not hers to destroy, and I just discovered she is happy to hide them under the couch.

Fourth: Eating

It has been said that a Boerboel could eat themselves to death. Africa would be happy to eat and eat until she popped. She and I have that in common.

Fifth: Fetch

Happiness is a good game of fetch or keep away depending on who is playing with her.

The sixth thing that makes Africa really happy is just basking in the sunlight like she is doing right now.

Go ahead Africa. You deserve it. It has been on hot summer! Thank you September!

That was fun! Thank you Murphy!
I tag:
1.Norwood who always has something funny to say.
2.Benson and Lily I have got to learn more about these two characters.
3. Czarina's Corner Who are you going to pick to highlight?
4.Huskee and Hershey I love these guys!
5. Bae Bae A hamster should be fun to learn about!
6.Inky and Molly What makes you happy besides living in Australia!?

Please tag six more lovely friends if you choose to do this!