Monday, February 28, 2011

Have You Heard?

Have you heard? Gas prices are going up, up, up! Inflation is causing dairy, meat, and grain prices to go up, but also natural disasters in different parts of the world will cause shortages in fresh vegetables and fruit in the near future. Then of course there is Libya, Egypt, and several other places with political unrest. My personal favorite is a mother in Florida who was recently arrested for a D.U.I. Who was she? Oh just the president of M.A.D.D (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

It is 7 a.m. at my house and everyone is asleep, but me. We are safe, we are healthy, and truly all is well despite the terrible news you may hear. Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. See? You are doing awesome too! We can be still and take each day at a time. Come what may, we will be fine. Have a great week my little furry and non-furry friends!