Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Well thanks for voting you lovely PAWple! I hope you don't mind if I give the tote bag away this time since that was the winner of my poll. It was a close call so hopefully I get to do more giveaways. Cafe Press has SO MANY great things. I just couldn't decide. Did you know you can even custom design your own shirt and such? They offer designer tools where you can personalize gifts, a photo, or create your own design. So cool!

Many of you liked the tote bag because the message was so simple and yet so important. If you are not able to adopt a pet, the next best thing is to help eliminate the need for euthinzations with over population. Having your pet spayed or neutered is just the nice thing to do. Please enter my contest by telling me what was the last really nice thing done to you! It is time for some good news don't you think?! Thanks for playing!

P.S. New to my blog?! Thanks for stopping and it is so great to meet you. Please don't hesitate to enter my contest. This giveaway is for you too!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pick Your Giveaway!

Hi! Hello! How are ya? It's about time I reward you for staying with me thus far through our journey in raising Africa. So far so good right? I pretty much love Cafe Press. I know some of you do too. I couldn't decide what to give away. There are so many choices on their website, especially for dog lovers! Please take a moment to check out the items I selected and help me narrow it down. Just leave a little votey vote vote on the side and stay tuned for the actual giveaway.

A black t-shirt with this awesome quote.

A little tote bag that says "the top 10 reasons to have your pet spayed and neutered were just killed in the shelter"

Or how about this adorable black and white clock to teach your pet how to tell time? That might be a tough trick. How about just an adorable way for you to know what time it is, and exactly when dinner time has arrived for you know who?

Take a second to vote. You never know .....it might be yours!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Snake and the Fence

The snake and the fence title might have caught your attention, but I'm afraid they having nothing to do with each other in this post. I am sorry for deceiving you. First things first. As you can see we have fence blocking off the grass. Remember how I complained about the poop on the grass? This is our solution. I hope that with encouragement and treats the dirt will be the new spot and remain that way once the fence is removed. Do you think we can do it? Now on to the snake......

My husband loves all creatures. I sometimes think to myself that the best day on the job as a firefighter for my husband will be when he gets to save a dog or cat like you see in movies and cartoons. It seemed unlikely that this will ever happen, but he came really close the other day. A large company in the city had a mulch fire one night and my husband came across this snake. He was thrilled that it was still alive and kept it while extinguishing the fire. However, upon further examination after the task was complete it became evident that his first "save" was no more. It had inhaled too much smoke and it got the best of him. However, the hubby was proud of himself enough to still bring it home and show me what almost was. That was swell of him since he knows I hate snakes with a passion. Now that I think about it, this picture looks like it was taken on my kitchen counter. 1st problem. The second problem is that I doubt he wiped it off with a Lysol wipe afterwards. Don't be surprised if the next post is about another fatality. Now you know about the snake and the fence.
Stay tuned for a giveaway!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010