Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Africa

Dear Africa,
I found you! I checked South Africa first, but only found your very extended family of Boerboels there. I am happy to see you growing so big and beautiful in a similar climate. 2009 has been good to everyone, especially you. I have heard of all the lovely extra "toys" you help yourself to each day. I am sorry to say that there has been times that I was informed you have been very naughty and to go ahead and skip your house. Thank goodness you are growing out of that behavior. I told Kasha it should hopefully just take time as you still have a year in puppyhood.

I am sorry to say that even up to this last week it has been up in the air as to whether or not Christmas was coming to your house. Diapers, bras, and sprinkler heads are still not for you no matter how many times you try. I am just letting you know because as an owner of eight reindeer I understand how pets can be and I want you to have a better year in 2010. So keep growing, keep loving, and for heavens sakes BE loved.

Don't worry. You really are loved even by that darn Kasha. She requested that you get the very biggest thing on your wish list which was a second doggy bed. You now have one in your bedroom and one in the family room so you always have a soft place to rest.

Merry Christmas Africa and Merry Christmas to all who read this!

Santa Clause


  1. Woo, Africa, a personal letter from Santa. How special. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. The Thundering Herd is khorrekht!

    That is khwite a pawesome note from Santa Paws!

    Happy HOWLidays to ALL of WOO!

    Khyra & Her Mom

  3. Happy Holidays to you and your family

  4. Merry Christmas to you too!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Uh-oh. Sounds like you almost got coal in your stocking, Africa. Merry Christmas.

  6. merry x-mas to Africa, Kasha, the gorgeous baby boy and Africa's lover !! may y'all have piece and happy times!!

  7. Hope you had a Merry Christmas Africa and Kasha! We hope all your wishes come true.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane and Denise

  8. Well of course you are a wonderful dog. Goodness. Was there ever any question?


  9. Merry Christmas, Africa. Santa knows you're really a good girl at heart, right?


  10. SANTA?!?!? You got your very own letter from SANTA?!??!
    That is just the coolest. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!
    Play bows,

  11. Happy Holidays, Africa!! Year 2009 was a very good year to us coz we got to know you. :) :)

    Momo & Pinot

  12. And before we run out of time...happy new year! :)

  13. Awww... your bed looks lovely.. Good thing Santa (or is it Kasha??) keep you on the 'Nice' list!

  14. Another huge sofa... i mean bed? Lucky.. you must be a great doggie.
    Hope you both had a merry christmas

  15. Hi Africa & Kasha,

    I'm a little slow these days in blogging but wanted to wish you a belated Merry Christmas and of course a Happy New Year! We are glad we met you and are dog blog pals.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  16. Oh, Africa! Such a lovely dog!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog...I'm afraid this year has been absolutely ridiculous in terms of keeping the blog updated, and I hope to do better in 2010 (Truman is still full of reportable antics, after all). Happy New Year to you and yours!

  17. Africa, you are such a lovely dog! I'm so glad I've gotten to know you! Keep growing and keep evolving. Happy 2010!