Friday, October 23, 2009

Neighborhood Dog Killer?

I thought that might get your attention. It sure has mine! Remember my post about the mysterious death of Lola the next door neighbor's dog and the near death of dearest Bruce? Well I thought it was strange that my great neighbor's would neglect their dogs in such a way and it turns out it wasn't them. I know we all decided it must of been the heat, but according to Africa's lover they might have been poisoned.

My husband had a conversation recently with them recently and is happy to report that Bruce is starting to get better. He has won himself a permanent position inside the house so that is great news.Poor Africa no longer has friends to share a fence with, but she will get over it I think. Here is where it gets creepy.

In the house across the street lives the suspects. I have never met these folks, but I thought they were OK because they had a sweet German Shepard and seemed like really devoted owners. Well it turns out the dog has passed away from old age which is very sad. It is even more sad because I guess the wife of the household has gone crazy. I mean off her rocker crazy, cuckoo, nutty as a fruitcake, just got out of the loony bin crazy. Am I missing any more synonyms?

She is apparently extremely distraught over the death of her dog and has become jealous of other people that still have dogs. So when our neighbor's left for a little vacation she threw a poisoned piece of meat over the fence. Lola ate most of it, and Bruce must of eaten a small part of it. They said that she has seemed very strange before, so once the vet confirmed that the cause of death was poison they became concerned that it was in fact the crazy neighbor.

There is no proof and it is hard to believe that anyone would want to do such a thing, but now I am concerned for our Africa. Do I bake a cake for the crazy lady and try to become friends so she doesn't go after Africa? Do we keep Africa from going outside? We have decided to check the yard every morning to check for poisoned meat and what not, but this is concerning to say the least. Please don't kill my dog.

Update: I should make it clear that this could just be a rumor, but we will treat it like it is true and watch over Africa. Thank you for your great advice and concern. We sure appreciate all of you.


  1. OMD -

    That is just wrong - way way way wrong -

    Paws khrossed this woman gets a sign to knokhk it off -


  2. omg. How awful! I feel for the lady to have lost her dog, but to go after neighbors dogs, that's just crazy! If she knows the pain of losing a dog, why would she want to put other people through that?! Is this something the police can get involved with? That's a scary situation cause now you'll always have to watch Africa like a hawk when he's outside.

  3. Yikes, that is just horrible and also sad. Too bad someone can't convince her to get a new dog to help her deal with her loss. Paws crossed that nothing bad happens to any more pups.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  4. oh my gosh. that is super scary! Maybe an adorable puppy needs to be left on her doorstep so she stops focusing on her grief? Just kidding (sorta)...but it sounds like she needs professional help.

    stay safe, Afria...dont eat anything strange that you find in the yard.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  5. This is horrible.

    She should be arrested at the very least the police should investigate.

    When we lived in town a neighbor poisoned the next door neighbors dog and cat and our sweet Dingo Cat was also a victim of the poisoned meat over the fence trick. Even though she never went outside unless I was with her and stayed in OUR YARD. The kids were very little so by the time I saw she was eating something in the yard got the kids inside and then got her she had already ingested some and the STUPID PEOPLE AT THE VET CLINIC WE USED THEN WOULDN'T GIVE HER THE ANTIDOTE EVEN THOUGH MY NEIGHBORS HAD CALLED TO TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TO THEIR DOG AND CAT AND ADVISE ME TO TAKE DINGO TO THE VET FOR THE ANTIDOTE. By the time the vet finally gave her the antidote it was too late. I am still furious about that.

  6. Holy smokes! That is scary as can be. I sure wouldn't let Africa out of my sight - to include not leaving her unattended in the yard. And visually sweep the yard before you let her romp around.
    Please stay safe!
    Tail wags,

  7. This is sad for everybody. Your neighbor lady must be in a living hell. Your neighbors are mourning their pup, and you are worried about Africa. The only bright spot is knowing that your neighbors are good doggie people who are keeping their pup close to them now.

    Stay safe, little Africa.


  8. Holy cookoo's nest! Africa you stay away from those people
    Benny & Lily

  9. Good grief, what a horrible situation. I would just want to be away from her.
    I hope all is well with Africa and stays well.
    That lady really needs help.

    Noah x

  10. I'm not clear if this is neighborhood gossip or there is real evidence.

  11. I would try to make friends with her, BUT I would put out some game cameras to record activities in your yard. I would also post a sign indicating that this property is under video surveillance. I have a crazy neighbor too!

  12. So terribly sad. Let's hope that she is stopped soon. In the meantime, I think Africa may get to love the indoors.

  13. I am so sorry for that lady but sure she needs help!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  14. What a horrible situation! Seems like one the police should be involved in. I would be very concerned about Africa; and also concerned that next time it might be a child not a dog. Good luck, Kasha!

  15. Dear Kasha,
    OMD that is really terrible!!! (AND we are truly sorry for your situation!) How tough!
    But...if you need advice, here it is:
    Firstly make sure that you are doing your absolute best for Africa! Have her supervised at all times (if you can) and teach her the "LEAVE" command - as a matter of urgency! We have poisoning problems here too (in SA) and we try ensure that our dogs obey this command above all else.
    Secondly,(and I say this reluctantly) be careful of rumours because they too can drive one crazy. Find out - if you can - how true the rumours are and then decide what to do about that woman across the road. She isn't your problem - AFRICA IS!
    All this 'advice' with lots of love,

  16. Hold on.. how do we know shes crazy and its not just a co-incidence or gossip, people get emotive in these situations. Id say hello as I passed her and if eventually she has a conversation Id ask if she'd like to walk with me... if someone is truly grieving they may like the offer to come & have opportunity to talk with someone about the dog theyve lost. Weve had poisonings and often its never often solved but its a good reminder to keep a close eye on your hound

  17. Hi Africa, nice to meet you!
    Wow, what a post. Really really unfortunate all around. Stay safe my friend.
    Come by for a visit if ya like.....

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  18. OMG...scary! I think you are right to check the yard every morning. That is awful that someone would do that. Keep sweet Africa safe. :)


  19. I think it's wise to be VERY aware that there is someone that poisoned 2 dogs!!! that is the truth! Some people make me sick! Even if they are sick themselves!! Please be vigilant!! Check the yard for everything!!


    Velcro and mom

  20. thank you for stopping by my bloggy! yes these are Irish wolfhounds--and yes they are big gentle giants...big needy babies--lol!

  21. OMG that is so scary. I've heard of dogs being poisoned like that over the last few years. When I had a side yard I always checked it out before letting the pets out since people were known to throw tainted meat over fences. It never happened to us but still very scary.

  22. Hi there,

    You missed out 'bonkers'.. LOL!! :)

    This is so sad.. I hope it's really just a rumour cos if she really did that to Lola and Bruce, then she is totally SICK!!

    Please do keep an eye out for Africa..

  23. You can't pick your neighbors or relatives only your friends truly need to talk to your neighbor who's dogs were poison and convince her to report that to her local polioce station so it is on record.I don't care how much you miss your dog you don't poison other ones!!!

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