Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm just sayin!

Do dogs know who to pick on? Does Africa go to bed at night not before taking one last look at her to do list
"pick on Kasha, ......CHECK!"
Perhaps she notices that I am often preoccupied with oh I don't know that cute squishy baby that resembles me? Or maybe I'm busy cleaning up all of the little pieces of who knows what she leaves everywhere. Most likely I am cleaning up after her lover that still hasn't learned to clean up after himself 28 years later. Either way, I'm busy you know!

Here we have my black shoe that I did not leave outside and I most certainly did not chew off the strap to take it off.

Here we have my blue flip flop, or what was once a cute sandal. She doesn't really look sorry now does she? The mates to those shoes are rather lonely now. I'm just sayin!


  1. Shoes are highly over-rated and AFRICA is probably trying to help you not become a fashion risk by getting rid of any shoes he feels are outdated. If he got a hold of my closet I could have a bare one if he got rid of outdated ones. Actually can I borrow him for about a week!!!

  2. Dogs most certainly get jealous of new things, including new babies, and they have their own unique ways of showing it.

    Our German shepherd, Dax, who passed away in 2008, hated our basketball hoop because we spent time playing and didn't include her. So she decided to poop around the base every chance she got. That was her way of showing jealousy... pooping! Luckily, she never pooped on either of my girls ;-)

  3. Hey there, Kasha
    Oh the trouble and turbulations of raising children (oops, I mean of raising Africa!) can be so frustrating. BUT she's looking so lovely though! I think the picture of her with her shoe, looking at you as if nothing is amiss, is really cute.
    Hang in there and lots of love from us all.

  4. Shoes are for outside anyway, right? I mean, my momma almost never uses hers inside, so Africa is just trying to make life easier.


  5. I'm pretty sure woo wouldn't have it any other way!

    PeeEssWoo: Well, maybe save fur retraining the human male!

  6. Maybe Africa is just tryin to start a new trend? Do the remaining shoes belong to different feet?

    You'd make quite a fashion statement with a flip-flop on one foot, and a black shoe on the other.

    Im just sayin :)

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  7. Couldn't help but smile! :-) Sheba's having a renewed puppyhood period, probably as a reaction to me spending so much time with her puppies (especially Sandy), doing all the things we outgrew ages ago. And teaches her youngsters even worse. Uhm... Puppies are PUPPIES until they grow mature and sensible, and then we find ourselves missing all that mischief and spunk!

  8. Um... err... well ... uh...
    Isn't it about boot season?
    Play bows,

  9. Moms always tell stories huh Africa? You know mom had something to do with that strap!
    Benny & Lily

  10. Love, I got down to one pair of shoes. Chelsea wont touch them but Shiloh thinks all shoes, mine and my daughters are hers. They are all now kept in the top cupboard which is a hassle but I just cant afford to replace them anymore.

    I remember when I got Shy, I took her to work a few times and left Chels at home. Each time I did she crapped in the middle of my bed.. Once shy stayed home it never happened again...Mmmm

  11. We love to destroy shoes in our house! Muhahahahahhahaha

  12. So far the only pair of shoes I lost to Darwin, was due to a poop accident on my suede shoes, and not to chewing. THANK GOODNESS.

  13. I've heard those shoes are pawesome toys!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. I can never work the straps on my sandals and usually end up having to gnaw them off my feet, too ...

  15. Are you sure you didn't chew that shoe strap & leave it outside? I can't believe that sweet boerboel would do such a thing!

  16. NO! Surely not? Innocent until proved guilty!!! LOL!

    Milo and Alfie xx

  17. Hmm pick on mom? I can't imagine. Attention seeking- us dogs? no no never. I don't know what you are talking about.. (as I hog the floor pillow and blanket)
    norwood ( spewing tuna breath at you)

  18. The answer is really simple - give Africa the other shoe. Just saying.

  19. Hey Kasha,
    Sorry, but you are not the only "picked on" victim. Our mom has suffered similiar indignities over the years and it's still going on. You can start a club if you'd like.
    - TBH&K

  20. Thankfully Dozer seems to have outgrown eating flip-flops. But I still try to keep them out of reach as much as possible, just in case he has a craving. He still likes clean clothes though. After they're folded and placed in a basket he likes to get them out of the basket and bring them too you. I once came home and my living room was covered in undies. You know how much Boerboels drool... had to rewash everything. Gotta love 'em though :)

  21. I had no idea you were a croc killer! :)

  22. LOL oh Africa how can you torture your mama like that. At least she hasn't eaten thru walls right? Patachou did that twice LOL.

  23. Ahhhh aahhhhh .... salmon breath... aaaahh all over u.

  24. Poor Kasha - Africa is such a tease - but such a beautiful one too.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  25. I really have to recommend flip flops. Africa has great taste - so to speak - if flip flops taste of anything I mean. But chewable. Oh yes :)