Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Caution! Floor may be slippery when wet

We interrupt the regular mishaps to bring you an extra embarrassing mishap. The neighbor came over to ask us donate to his son's school project. Africa decided to sneak out from behind the cracked door to make her own donation on his foot. I have researched the reasons a 7 month old puppy would still be peeing when excited. It seems that she needs more confidence, (she seems pretty proud of herself so I doubt it) or she needs more socialization with less attentive visitors. Has anyone experienced excited peeing with their puppies? She will grow out of it like our first puppy right?


  1. I just saw a t-shirt that said, "Sometimes i pee when i laugh."

    OK that was no help at all, was it?

  2. Ooops. We don't have any words of wisdom... but ..... ooops.

  3. Oh dear! That reminds us of the time the humans were on a walk with Monty... and they saw this little doggy who came directly over to my mom and lifted his leg!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Sorry, not much wisdom here, except that our neighbour's dog here in Sweden does that a lot, and she's almost three. She's a poodle, not very well trained, who gets overly excited every time she sees me. In her case, it's a dominance situation, because she is used to treating people the way she wants, and she knows she can't with me, but she still wants to, and somehow, the whole thing becomes too exciting. If Africa doesn't have a dominance thing, I think it's just pure excitement, and I would suggest doing it more often and just making sure she's calm. If not, try making her sit by your side?

  5. Unfortunately, Kasha...we have NO clue. Sorry.
    ps. Remember that picture of the dog I sent you? I was chatting to the owner...seems it is a Boerboel - raised WITH lion cubs and now thinks its a lion herself! They can have ATTITUDE, this breed, so I would consult widely on the Peeing thing. Luv C

  6. Opps. I'm sure it's an accident

    ~ Bae

  7. Hi Kasha,

    Hershey had the same problem when she was a pup too!! She pees in excitement when we have people come over at our house (it's happened a couple of times already), so when we have friends coming over, we try and bring her out to pee first before our friends' feet are 'blessed' with her 'shower of blessings'!!

    I noticed that it's gone away after she turned one year old.. although we still try and bring her out to pee before our friends come over in case of 'accidents'.

    Good luck.. I am sure Africa will outgrow it.. I reckon it's more like a case of over-excitement more than lack of confidence cos like what you said about Africa, Hershey seemed pretty pleased with herself when she done the 'deed'.

  8. Hi,

    Thank yoo for visiting our bloggie. We're pleased to meet yoo and we we've added yoou to our friends list (RSS feed).

    We're not sure about why doggies pee 'cos we're cats!

    Milo and Alfie xx

  9. Most dogs do outgrow it. Basic obedience practice can help if it is a confidence issue. (which it can be for some dogs)

    Aside from doing greetings outside or on linoleum, have the guests ignore her for 20 minutes minimum. Then they can calmly say hello if she comes over to them again. She will be less likley to pee then.

    It is generally an appeasement signal, not to be confused at all with housetraining. If you get after them for it they will think you are missing their cue and pee MORE.

    It has nothing to do with dominance at all. It is either submissive urination or over stimlated urination. Dominance peeing would be marking, which is far more deliberate with a specific target. Very few dogs are truely interested in status over humans, tho some training shows might have us believe otherwise.

    Another note, dogs never completely empty their bladders. This way they always have scent for marking at the ready.

    I hope that helps!