Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear Africa,

Dear Africa,
I'm sad that we make better enemies than friends. Our relationship has been a bit strained for a while now, but you really did us in the other day. You run away from me now because you think that I am going to force you to take another bath.I'm sorry about that. I had set out to clean the house once upon a time and you decided to dig the biggest hole ever next to the house. You came in caked in mud and tracked it all over the house. I agree it isn't your fault that we picked a house with white carpet, but if you could try to not create more work for me that would be greatly appreciated.

I give you a cool house to lounge around in with plenty of water so I see no need for digging. If you are bored I could think of a few things you could do around the house. I carry treats around and try to coax you into making better choices around me including liking me again. I think you appreciated your cleanliness after the shower so why are you so mad at me? I see you sleeping so sweetly and I can't help but love you. Then I find bits and pieces of the baby's toys everywhere that you have chewed up and I am annoyed once again no matter how cute you are.

This is probably not the last plea for change, but I promise to keep trying with you. I am grateful to be going on my first little vacation without you. You and I need some time apart to learn to appreciate each other more. The baby and I have not been able to leave the house since we got you, but we have finally found a good home with a friend for you to play with while your lover is at work. I hope things can be different when we get back. I know the baby will miss you tons. I will let you know how I feel when I get back.


  1. You're not giving up on Africa, are you? Some dogs dig. Some climb the fence. We hope you will work this out soon.

  2. At least she's not one of ME!

    We dig...we khlimb...we run...we fuzz...we repeat!


  3. Digging is natural for dogs. Fenris doesn't dig much but he does dig the occasional hole and he has a crater under the jungle gym where he likes to hang out.

    Thankfully he hates being muddy and wet so he grooms himself pretty well.

  4. Dozer is sweetest when he's sleepy. ;-) He's a big chewer. He's eaten two wooden chairs, a wicker chair, a rubber tire chew toy (ATE IT IN HALF!), three dog beds, and two comforters. The rubber tire and comforters required vet visits complete with one surgery to remove a blockage. The XXL Kong is about the only thing we've found that will last more than a day. Most average dog toys are trash within minutes. He can still eat the XXL Kong, so we still have to keep an eye on him. Try a Kong, Africa may leave the baby toys alone.

  5. This was so touching and honest. Life with puppies isn't always (ever) sunshine and lollipops, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

    Wait til you have teenage children. :-)

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  7. Puppies can be a pain (I am!)

    They get better however :-)


  8. Sigh... she's awfully cute when she's asleep, though, isn't she?

  9. Oh dear.. Africa you better be good when your hooman comes back... I'm sure you 2 can work something out

    ~ Bae

  10. I know how you feel... I secretly admit to have asked myself on many occasions regarding getting a dog, a huge one - "what have we done??" but then again, they are adorable with that look in ther eyes...

  11. Hey hey.. I totally know how you feel cos I have 'been there, done that' with Hershey. When she was a pup, there were days that I 'hated' her for all the extra work she's brought me and all the damage she's caused that I so wanted to 'give up', but of course I couldn't cos Hershey's 'lover' is my hubby, who I am sure will never agree to it. (FYI my husband's family name is Lee, and I have nicknamed Hershey 'Mrs Lee').

    Hang in there ok, I promise it'll get better once she's out of her puppy phase.. I adore Hershey now (although she is still Mrs Lee) and I cannot imagine my life without her.

    Have a great vacation with baby..

  12. Hmm.. ok in case you want to TRY and make yourself feel better, you can go to my blog and check out all the posts titled 'Crime Scenes'. There are around 10 of it and each one 'lovingly' details the damage that Hershey's caused. I think the 2 worst ones are the badly chewed up parquet corner in my room as well as my brand new (and expensive) curtains.

    Geez.. yes, you and I can sit down and talk for hours on how our dogs usurped our rightful place as the mistress of the house! Mr Lee gets worried when I go out and leave Mrs Lee at home for a couple of hours too!! MEN!!

    I know it's hard to feel like things will get better and Africa will be the sweet girl that you want, but it seriously will get better. Once you start 'bonding' with her, things will improve. I did not start to really bond with Hershey until almost 6 months after we got her.

    ((Hugs)).. sorry about the cushion. You can leave it to Africa's lover to fix/ sort out the replacement. :P

  13. sweet baby africa! Enjoy your vacation Kasha. Well deserved

  14. Please tell me you two are going to work it out! Please!!?
    Tail wags,

  15. oh Kasha..
    I hope the good out weighs the bad. We all deserve a break. I hope you enjoyed yours.

  16. Oh Africa... It sounds like you are giving your family a real challenge huh!

    Not to worry, you are only 6 months old. You will learn with the help of your family what is right and wrong.

    Humans work real hard sometimes and us dogs just don't know why. We really just want them to play with us.

    White carpet is tough, but it can be cleaned like anything else.

    We hope your family has a great vacation. Africa, we hope you have a fun time too.

    Hang in there sweet family. Africa will show you how good she can be, sooner or later...

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  17. Sometimes if we begin to not like an animal to the extent we say not-so-good things about it on a blog maybe it is time to think about finding a good home for that animal. A home where it will not be punished for being a dog.

  18. I hope Africa is still loved - a few posts ago you said what a good dog she had done to alert you to a noise outside. We all do things that people don't like, I chewed a couple of flip flops that silly Mistress left around. It wasn't my fault though she should have moved them. I am sure Africa loves you lots and has no bad feelings. Mostly us dogs do not.

    Pippa xxs to Africa

  19. A note from our mom... Thank you for visiting!

    I just love that you are honest! I am the same way but tend to hold back some things. Don't change a thing!

    Have a great vacation!

  20. Oh no Africa, you better do some MAJOR kissing up to the woman of the house!!! Too bad I don't live closer or you could come over for play dates and give her a break from your destructive ways! :) You will outgrow it though, I am sure! :) Hope your family has a good vacation.


  21. Oh I'm sorry you're finding it hard. I agree this was a very honest post ~ and that's good. saying how you feel is half way to resolving issues. I hope it all works out for you all.

    The Mom.

  22. Oh no, Africa, are you acting like a dog??

    Sometimes, our people have to take lots of time to train us to keep us well-behaved. But even then, we can be naughty. I mean, we're dogs, right? And we're wired to dig and tear. You should see what's left of our livingroom couch from when I was a puppy. But you know what? My parents taught me not to eat the couch and now I don't. I know that you'll outgrow your naughtiness too with some patience and perseverance. Your poor mama. I hope she has a good vacation and that you two work hard together when she gets back so you don't give her anymore extra work.

    Good luck.


  23. If your mama wants someone to talk to about this, she can email my mama anytime. She knows what it's like to have a baby and a dog at the same time. Plus she trained me very well. So we're here to help.


  24. Ah, I know how you feel...I had days when James was a puppy, when I just wanted to scream. Some days were horrible - he was a serious monster puppy! :)So don't feel like your alone with having a crazy dog. hahaha...

    I was raised with dogs (I've never NOT had a dog) yet I have never had a dog as active as James. He's been a piece of work from day one! But if there is any help at all - I promise, they will ge better. It's true, I swear. :)

    However, you have to invest a lot of time and training 'cause they won't become "good" on their own. I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new though. :)

    What type of training do you do with Africa? In your "introduction" it kind of sounds like you might train Africa in some sport.. yes? I love dog training and all working breeds need a job to feel full-filled. I train James in search, obedience, Weight Pull and I recentley began training him in blood tracking as well. It is so much fun and most importantly, he LOVES it. :) If they are given a job the destructive behavior will vanish as they use up all their energy during work.

    Anyhow, this blog post was written a while ago so hopefully things have turned around and feel much better by now. I'm crossing my fingers.. ;) Africa looks lovely so take a deep breath and look at that cute pic of her with her Lovie. Awwww... and things will feel much better right away. lol.