Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Mysterious Death of the Neighbor's Dog

Africa is now down to one best friend. Every morning Africa would go and sit next to this fence enclosure to see her friends: Lola and Bruce. While we were away on Vacation it seems that Lola suddenly died. We are friends with our sweet neighbor's and wonder what happened. Lola and Bruce are mastiffs. Lola was the younger of the two dogs and it came as a sad surprise that she died so suddenly.

According to the neighbor's they left Saturday in the morning with two very healthy dogs. Approximately 3 hours later they called their son who remained at home with the dogs and reminded him to go out and spray them with water as it was very hot that day. He immediately went outside and discovered Lola no longer alive.

Bruce is still alive, but appears to be very ill. He has a swollen ear and an infection, but the neighbor's are not divulging as to what kind of infection he has and how it all relates to his companion's death. We are happy to see that since he is not feeling well he gets to get out of his hot living space and now resides on their shaded patio with a little pool.

Although we love the people next door we felt that they could of provided a better living space for these poor dogs. It is around 115 degrees outside. I know they had plenty of water and care, but it makes me wonder how this could happen

We are concerned what caused this and if Africa can get it. Their guess is scorpions, a rattlesnake, or the heat. Do you have a guess as to what happened to beloved Lola?


  1. Ahh poor Lola...that makes us sad.
    Benny & Lily

  2. So sad to hear about Lola.


  3. How very sad. Poor poor Lola. Bruce too. I hope he will recover from whatever has happened to him. I'll send him some terrier zen and keep my paws crossed for him.

    Wiry love and kisses Eric xx

  4. How sad!
    I know of two of my friends' dogs died of heat and thirst.
    I pray for Bruce for a speedy recovery, it breaks my heart to hear news like that.
    Love ya

  5. That's so scary!! I would keep an eye on Africa and definitely not let her get too close to the other dog for a bit. :( How sad for Lola. I hope they have taken Bruce to the vet?? Keep us posted.

    Hey, we were in Utah too for a few days. :) It was super hot but fun!

    Amber & Nala

  6. Oh, that's really not nice! We are sorry to hear that. Hope that Africa is ok, but we are sure that you are keeping a sharp hawk-eye open.
    Tons of licks
    ps its nice to see you bloggin' again!

  7. Poor Lola and Bruce! I'm in San Diego, and while its been hot here, its no where near 115 degrees. I cant imagine a big mastiff having to be out in that heat...its gotta be tough for them to cool that large body down.

    Keep safe Africa!

  8. That is so sad and scary! :(
    We belong in the air-conditioning with our humans! We are companion animals!!!
    Stay safe and cool, Africa!
    Tail wags,

  9. Dozer thinks outside is only for wrestling and potty breaks. He gets hot sitting in the AC. I couldnt imagine him making it outside in the Texas heat.

    Surely they took Bruce to the vet? I had a dog with similar problems nearly die from what the vet guessed was either a scorpion or rattler. They need vet help in these situations for sure.

    Keeping an eye on Africa cant hurt. If she's anything like my BB she will hide her pain very well but become less active and less interested in food (which is a big hint since shes so food driven).

    Best of luck from Dozer and his pack.

  10. wow poor Lola - if she died from the heat I can't bear to think of her last hours... and poor Bruce now left alone :o( hope Africa is allright - she is fortunate to have people taking good care of her!

  11. We are very sorry to hear about your friends Africa. We hopes they didn't have anything contagious. ~Socks, Scylla, Charybdis & Fenris

    Hi Africa, I thinks you might be even bigger then I am. I will be 8 months old August 19th. I have a BIG BARK and can scare off intruders too. ~Fenris

  12. Africa, we are so sorry to hear about your friend. We hope your neighbors will find comfort in their memories of her.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  13. My heart breaks for Lola, and for Bruce who is now ill and without his companion. I know your neighbours have been good to you but I have to say this, they have not been good to their dogs. 115 degrees is Too Hot for anybody with warm blood! Africa is lucky to have you home to look out for her. I never heard of Boerboels before but having seen Africa, I'm now a fan! Would I be right in thinking the breed originated in South Africa?

    Thanks so much for visiting and for your super dooper comment! I'm adding you to my Bloglines. :) xxx

  14. Sorry to hear about Lola.

    Heat would be my guess, hope Bruce is OK


  15. What a terrible shock (& how strange that the neighbors aren't divulging what the cause is thought to be)! Take good care of our "little" Africa!!

  16. What happened with your neighbor's dog is very sad but dogs who live inside with their family have a much healthier life and a longer life. So, keep Africa close in sight and never let her go our without you close by.

    With a Mastiff many things can happen. Heat stroke or bloat come to mind first. So, so sad.

  17. Sounds to me like Lola died of heatstroke. How terribly tragic. And poor Bruce can't be feeling well at all. I hope he is under a vet's care. I'd keep Africa away from him until you get some answers from the neighbours.

    Thanks goodness most of us are lucky and loved enough that our parents know how to take care of us properly.


  18. Our guess would be the same...snake, heat or scorpion! It could be ANY of them! We hope Bruce is going to be okay!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  19. Oh my goodness! I am a mastiff and I am not allowed in the sun when it is much cooler than that. I have trouble staying cool even if it is just 80 degrees F. I feel so sad for those poor doggies.


  20. We have neighbors who live across the street from us and they just got a new poodle puppy and currently in St. Louis it has been back to back days in the upper 90 degrees with a heat index of over a 100 degrees and they leave this new dog out for up to an hour at a time without shade or water on a chain in their front yard. It just breaks my heart. I will say something to them soon in a gentle way. So many animal owners just truly don't have the common sense to know better. It is so sad for the dogs left out in this heat. How about the PUPPY MILL DOGS!!! WHat a tragedy...

  21. I wonder if she did die of heat stroke. It might be good to educate your neighbor about the dangers of leaving dogs out in hot weather.

  22. poor Lola. we know the heat is very hard on dogs, especially without water or shade.


  23. That's scary... We hope that whatever killed poor Lola is no danger to Africa!


  24. We just read about you at Butchy and Snickers blog! What a shame about your friends, Africa! What a horrible thing to have happen!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  25. My thought is catch your neighbor outside and maybe start talking about any subject then ask again if she ever found out what killed her dog. Maybe you can nicely suggest that as hot as it can be she should consider bringing them inside on hot days or making sure their water is filled to the brim with cold water at least three times a day and that they have enough shade and even a fan outside. Say it as gentle as you can then if she still judges you so what the poor dogs she has can't tell her how miserable they are in the heat so if its one less Christmas card you have to send OH WELL.I always try to be as gentle as I can then I figure if they get an attitude there is nothing I can do but at least I tried. So many dog owners just don't know better and need to be educated.

  26. Wow-how scary! it could have been the ehat or it could have been an insect or snake....whatever-I wouldn't let Africa near the fence until you find the exact casue of death!

    I get so angry at people who don't treat their animals properly! I see it all the time here! I try time and time again-but some people just don't care!

  27. Oh, that is so sad. It could be any of those three things that killed Lola. And how sad it is that these poor dogs had to live like that. They deserve better.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  28. Our neighbour's dog in Niger died during hot season. Dogs are sensitive to heat, if they can't cool themselves down enough. Even the Azawakh - a desert hound - can die from heastroke. Sheba our Rhodesian ridgeback has a little trick of dipping her paws in water, if there's not enough water to cover her entire body. It's the only place where they sweat, so dipping a dog's paws in water when they're overheating is very efficient. I'm so sorry about Lolo!