Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I've Been Tagged, which is much more fun than being "marked"! Ha Ha

The cutest Murphy I have ever seen tagged us with this fun question.

What are 6 things that make Africa happy?!
(What doesn't!?)

First: Her Lobster!

This $15.00 toy might of been worth the money because for 2 months now she has been trying to destroy it and hasn't quite succeeded. Nothing like watching a South African Boerboel carrying around a lobster everywhere she goes.

Second: Her crate!

Remember in the beginning when I whined about the long nights with this puppy hating to be locked up in her crate? Well now she goes in there all day with the door open. For such a big dog it doesn't seem that comfortable.

Third: Eating stuff (especially stuff that is off limits)

Africa is happy to eat baby toys and other things that are not hers to destroy, and I just discovered she is happy to hide them under the couch.

Fourth: Eating

It has been said that a Boerboel could eat themselves to death. Africa would be happy to eat and eat until she popped. She and I have that in common.

Fifth: Fetch

Happiness is a good game of fetch or keep away depending on who is playing with her.

The sixth thing that makes Africa really happy is just basking in the sunlight like she is doing right now.

Go ahead Africa. You deserve it. It has been on hot summer! Thank you September!

That was fun! Thank you Murphy!
I tag:
1.Norwood who always has something funny to say.
2.Benson and Lily I have got to learn more about these two characters.
3. Czarina's Corner Who are you going to pick to highlight?
4.Huskee and Hershey I love these guys!
5. Bae Bae A hamster should be fun to learn about!
6.Inky and Molly What makes you happy besides living in Australia!?

Please tag six more lovely friends if you choose to do this!


  1. we might just admit it - our dogs really know the important things in life!!

  2. Those are some furry pawesome things!

    I nevFUR took a liking to my khrate - and since I'm a Siberian, I've 'khonvinced' my mom I don't need it!

    Woo look furry furry happy! Tank woo fur sharing!


  3. My momma wants to know where you're momma got the lobster!!!! SHe says for a little dog, I go through toys pretty fast =)

    It was fun learning more about you. You are such a pretty girl. I could eat until I popped too, so don't feel bad =)


  4. GREAT job with the tag! And you're right! It's WAY better than being marked. Trust me - I've stuck my nose into things I shouldn't when walking with my brothers....

  5. We think we would very much like one of these lobster toys....mmmmhhh..
    Good news the hot hot is over for you guys. We're not looking forward too much to another killer summer ourselves.
    Thanks for the tag. We'll post soon.
    Inky and Molly

  6. Can't believe you love your crate!!!!! (And sorry that it has been so long since we've visited - oooh whee -sorries). Very nice post to see - I can very much relate to the eating thing, however, heehee!!!
    Hugs xo

  7. Hi Africa!
    I am trying to catch up with all my friends and wanted to make sure I stopped in to say hello to you! Stop by my blog this week to see the fun stuff I am doing with Pink Baby!
    :) Tibby

  8. Thanks for playing, Africa! I absolutely loved your list!

    I loved my crate too, unfortunately I grew out of it too quickly. Mom tried to get the bigger one, but she's kind of a wimp and couldnt even carry it by herself so it went back to the store.

    Now I have something she calls an x-pen. Its kinda nice...with no roof, so I can see out of the top.

    Thanks again for playin!
    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  9. Hi Africa! So nice to know all those things about you! Your lobster is very cool!


  10. Thanks for tagging us.. we have just done it!! I love the red lobster!! Sadly, Hershey's toy don't stay around for very long under her 'tender loving care'. So far we have spent a small fortune on replacing her toys and the ones that outlast all the rest are the Kongs.

    Love the pic of Africa basking in the sun too.. watch the tan lines girl!

  11. Your mom and my mom call us characters. Thank you for tagging us...
    I bet mom broke your toy and is blaming you. They do that some times
    Benny & Lily

  12. hey are yoo??? i have not seen yoo around for a long time....

    your lobster is bigger than my toys....oh even bigger than me

    chat soon

  13. Look how big you're getting, Africa! All that eating is having a good effect!!
    - Charlie

  14. That's so cool.. I wonder if I eat alot will I grow to be as big as you

    ~ Bae

  15. Hey there Africa
    Yes, its really good to know you a little better. You have really grown and look sooo happy now. Please send our love to Mom

  16. Hi Africa! I'm back! Haven't posted it quite yet, but have an award for you!
    Hugs xo

  17. Congrats on being tagged. Those are all great reasons for being happy. And thanks for tagging me. Good question, I do have 5 pets hmmmm lol. I'll take care of it next week :)

    Also wanted to tell you my sis is looking to get a big dog with short hair sometime in the next couple of years and I told her about Africa and we checked out your blog and your breeders website. She got very excited and is going to do more research to see if a boerboel is the right dog for her! Her favorite line in your blog "Africa needs her own country" lol

  18. Our momma buys us stuffies at garage sales so if we pull the guts out of them she can just toss them in the trash and give us another one! Maybe your momma could do that. You really shouldn't mess with the baby toys cuz the poor baby needs to play with something!

  19. Africa... I bet you have no choice but to sunbake out there.. I love this post and of course I'll play. Mom will get on it this weekend.

    By the way... I think I'd like that lobster too.

  20. Kasha if you think Czarina is cool, you should see my sister's greek tortoise Tommie (she is a girl too lol) she is about 1 inch longer and very outgoing, not afraid of anything lol.

    I'll let my sis know about your offer. She wants to get her life in order before adding a big dog lol. But I know she will have tons of questions (so will I since Im the anal one with it comes to pets lol)

  21. Hey sweet, how are you? We missed you as we're so behind again...playing catch-up.....again!
    You are getting so big and so beautiful, LOVE the eyeliner daahling!
    Hmm....Mum's been eyeing up a similar toy for Rosie, who destryos everything, maybe she should just buy it already!
    You did a great job on the tag :D
    Slobbers xx

  22. Fantastic choices! Most of those make me happy too Africa!


  23. Hi Africa - you get cuter every time I see you! My human says she just LOVES the expression on your face. We share lots of the same "happy things" - well, except that my humans didn't use a crate so I don't know about that. But I would love a red lobster like yours! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane