Thursday, September 3, 2009

Did You Know?

I don't know where I have been because apparently this fact has been known since 2005. Did you know dogs can sniff out cancer?

According to my research, several studies show that dogs can detect lung and breast cancer even earlier than CT scans and mammograms. How is this possible? Cancer patients have been shown to have traces of chemicals such as alkanes and benzene derivatives - in their breath, and other studies have shown dogs can detect chemicals in concentrations as small as a few parts per trillions.

This theory first came about when a dog alerted its owner of a melanoma by constantly sniffing the skin lesion. This case led to tests done with dogs sniffing out bladder cancer and then on to breast cancer and lung cancer.

Not that you need yet another reason to love your dog, but give your dog and stupendous sniffer a little love today.


  1. We can tell bipeds all KINDS of things, if they're able to listen to us!
    Great post - and super-cute pose!

  2. My mom is furever trying to tell my Doggy Nanny about how good our snooters are!

    We have soooo many superpowers!

    And, we are furry khute!


  3. When a visitor gets a big nose in the crotch I'm going to start telling them not to worry, he's just checking for cancer. lol ;-)

  4. I am always having a snif but its normally for food ;-)


  5. I have a firm belief that each and every dog has been placed on earth as a gift from Heaven. Sadly, not all dogs have the opportunity to be as treasured as they deserve.

    The breadth of what dogs can do and have done for mankind is mind boggling - astounding. We owe them great debt and owe God our resounding THANK YOU.

  6. I know for a fact, that when a dog's owner is ill they can sense it. When I was very ill once, my dog Scooter (now gone)layed by side my side for month's and was very depressed. When I recovered, he pirked up again and was his normal old self. I loved that dog!

    Riley and Star's Mom.

  7. Yep how cool is that. I saw several programs on tv about it, including a schnauzer who would show exactly where the cancer is! I think it is sooooo cool!

    One thing I noticed when Patachou had the cancerous tumor around his knee my other 3 dogs would always sniff that knee!

  8. Oh yes! We saw it on the news. Isn't it amazing what we are capable of? Happy weekend, Africa! Love, Dino

  9. awww what a great picture :o) love it...

  10. Oh dear.. Hershey keeps trying to burrow into my armpits when I am lying down. I hope she isn't trying to tell me anything!!

  11. Yep, mum gets paranoid everytime we go up to her arm pit for a sniff

  12. My mom gets worried everytime I linger on her breath!!! We are very special aren't we!!!

    Hope you all had a wonderful Labor day long weekend...



  13. Wouldn't it be awesome to train a breed to do this on a consistant basis. I read a story about this in Readers Digest and labs were the breed that they found so amazing at detecting cancer.