Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Best Friends Forever? Definitely for now, but when the boy starts crawling it could be less fun for Africa. In preparation for this we have been making it a point that when feeding Africa we stick our hand in her food dish and mess around so that she will be used to the idea of little hands perhaps disturbing her while eating.

We of course will try to avoid having our son ever interrupt her when she is eating, but think it is good training for any puppy. Africa does not care if we reach in her bowl and take food out or stir it around. I think it especially helps with an aggressive dog. Lee Charles Kelly also thinks this is important and explains an even better technique called "the pushing exercise" here. His technique is so good it will help a difficult dog become more calm and obedient all together.

Any thoughts, opinions, comments?


  1. It seems like great preparations fur the khoming days!

    Mom is furry happy I'm not food aggressive - she's khwite able to reach in my bowl or take away a treat if necessary!


  2. Oh! Oh, what a priceless picture! Africa and the biped puppy! I love biped puppies. All puppies.
    It sounds to us that you're doing all the right things!
    Tail wags,

  3. All dogs I know have known that children are babies and need an extra dose of patience. I also make sure my dog lets me take anything that is his, just to be sure. You never know when a dog might be about to eat something that could harm it! As for children, I never leave the pair unsupervised (which is easy for me, since I mine are nieces...), and I always make sure that the dog has a place to go, if it wants to go away. Which rarely happens, but if it does, the dog needs to have a kids-free zone, where it can go if it feels the kid(s) are too much. I also tell the kids not to disturb a dog while its eating, so that should it happen, the dog will most probably just "be patient" about it.

  4. Be prepared! My grandchildren have all nibbled on dog food. One ate a milk bone! BTW, adorable photo!

  5. That picture is so cute!
    I´m not agressisve when I´m eating in my bowl too.


  6. Such a great picture. Getting her used to someone playing in her bowl is a good idea. I'm sure by the time the little one is moving on his own, Africa will be ready for him =)

    Mom & Lilo

  7. It sounds like a good idea to me. We did this with Charlie (who is extremely food-oriented) and now he is fine with our taking food from him. However, we did not acclimate him to children/babies, and now unless we're really on top of the situation, he seems to think they're dogs to be warned away. Sigh - it's always something.

  8. Oooh.. I love the pic of Africa and your baby!!
    We also did this with Hershey.. i.e. mess around with her bowl while she ate cos we didn't want her to be possessive over her food. The lass doesn't give a hoot.. she either just continues and pretend nothing is happening or she'll walk away and comes back to her bowl after we leave.

  9. Hey there Kasha (and Africa)
    That is a really beautiful picture of your two precious ones!
    About the food thing...we are not sure! I would be vigilant though, always keeping a cautious and assessing eye out on the dynamics between the two of them. I know we try our best and believe the best of our pooches, but doggies can be unpredicatable - especially around food! Just be aware, I'd say.
    Lots of licks
    ps thanks for your comments about our incident. Here in SA there are MANY Boerboels who have been acquired to be dangerous watchdogs. (We have a serious crime problem here!)Many of these dogs are NOT trained, so we get to see them in their 'natural' state. They are not easy dogs to train, but I am sure with your persistence and awareness, you are going to have a wonderful pet. All the best and lots of love to you all.

  10. It's a lovely pic ~ and I think the advice to "never leave the pair unspuervised" is good ~ along with teaching children (as soon as they are old enough) about doggy respect.

    Milo and Alfie's Mom

  11. Love the pic. Good to train Africa while she is young about the food bowl and to respect you and your baby as well. Def have a place that Africa can go to that is off limits for your kid later on (like her crate). Also kids can learn at a very young age to respect dogs boundraeis too, just have to be consistent like you are with Africa. Good luck.

  12. What a adorable picture of you two babies!!!! They will do just fine together as you are such a thoughtful dog owner and very smart about seeeking out answers. What a fulfilled life you have...

  13. How cute.

    Fenris isn't the least bit food aggressive. In fact he would rather follow me around then eat. But it's good you thought to get Africa used to having hands in her food bowl with a baby soon to be toddler around.

  14. That's adorable. I'm sure they'll have lots of fun growing up together.

    Playing with Africa's food while she's eating is a great idea, whether you have a baby or not! She'll never be aggressive about food and toys if you are in control of them.

    I don't know if you've done this already but I'd also be sure Africa is comfortable with you touching her everywhere, and pulling on her appendages. As you know, babies are curious... start messing with Africa now. Pet her EVERYWHERE...meaning parts you wouldn't normally pet, her armpits, around her tail, belly, etc. Poke her, and pull on her ears, tail, feet, stick your fingers in her mouth. Be gentle of course, and reward with treats. I did this with my dog and she does not care what you do to her.

  15. That is such a sweet photo. How can you resist hugging both... so sweet.. like cotton candy.

  16. Dearest Africa...you've been tagged. Come to my blog to see what to do next.


    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  17. Yep! The kid will digest a few milkbones and kibble throughout his young life. You'll want to always be with them though.

  18. Mom has not done it for a long time, looks like she has to do it now to prepare for Ashley digging into my bowl. Thanks for the reminder! Love, Dino