Monday, April 13, 2009

Boerboels and furniture

Boerboel puppies are so cute and cuddly. It is always tempting for puppy owners to invite puppies to sleep in the bed at night or up on the couch while watching t.v. If we don't do anything right with our training as long as we keep her off of our furniture no matter how cute she is, that is pretty good. When she is 150 pounds plus our efforts to keep her off our furniture will of paid off big time. Even if you let your boerboel get on the couch once, she will never forget and you will find yourself fighting that forever. Here we have Josh getting down on her level. It may seem annoying to have to get on the floor to cuddle with your dog, but I would recommend it for the future of your bed and couch.

1 comment:

  1. Wow--150 lbs... Nothin' that gets to be 150 lbs can be considered cute and cuddly, 'specially from my perspective. A mastiff pup once stepped on my foot durin' obedience class and I limped for a week. Good luck. She definitely needs a whole country--or will soon.