Thursday, April 2, 2009


This is my favorite command. Africa is going to get big and will be in the way when company comes and what not. It is nice to have a place where she can go and still be part of the family. We teach this by saying "go to bed" and then placing her on her dog bed and rewarding with a treat. If she is standing close to her bed we do this again. Eventually she learns what "go to bed" means and yet still for quite sometime we continue to give her treats everytime she obeys "go to bed". As she gets older we can say " go to bed" and she will go and lay down on her bed and she will learn to love it. With Tonka that became his favorite spot. It was his spot and unless we were petting him, he was undisturbed there. I think with Africa this will be good having our baby eventually crawling around. Hopefully she can get a break from him now and then with this bed. She of course gets the biggest size dog bed. They usually come with a removable, washable cover. I would recommend covering it with an extra sheet that you can simply remove and wash. I learned this is much easier than removing the cover.

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  1. Removable covers don't work well with my pack. The first thing they do is remove the zipper. I have to buy beds that can be machine washed.