Sunday, April 19, 2009

Don't wake the beast!

I love it when she sleeps. Here she sleeps near my side of the bed. She would really like to sleep there all night, but I don't trust her enough yet to let her out of her crate at night. I would recommend using the crate for 5-6 months as the boerboel grows to avoid accidents. It is also great to allow the puppy to learn to love the crate. When we go on trips, Africa will feel ok with being in a strange place since she has something familiar like her crate! I also would like to pass along with this sleeping post that when you find your puppy sleeping and possibly having a dream or something that is making her thrash and yelp in her sleep, the vet says not to wake her up. I feel bad if she is having a bad dream, but she is fine and should not be disturbed.


  1. I just discovered your blog and love it. I have been doing a dog blog as well and it is so much fun to check out other ones as well. Keep up the great work and I'll add your blog to my site. Mary Jo and Hudson( I'm kind of a big deal)

  2. Africa is soooooo cute!!!! She is going to be a big girl. I feel so bad when mine are having bad dreams too but i usually do wake them or just make some noise so that it redirects their dream or they wake up.