Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sometimes it isn't fair

So part of the reason we got this dog was to protect us while my husband is away at work. This leaves me with a baby and a dog to essentially raise most of the time on my own. Therefore, I am the one doing the majority of the training with Africa. This means I am consistently telling her "down", "leave it", and "drop it" all day long. She is always trying to jump up on things, getting into things she shouldn't, and of course occasionally she is successful at getting things and begins to devour whatever it may be. So I feel like the bad guy. Since she is a puppy, she is in to everything. I feel like I am yelling all day. It isn't fair when Josh comes home and these two become instant buddies followed by a good ol nap together. Sometimes it isn't fair, but hopefully we will have a good dog in the end.

1 comment:

  1. Around here it's the same. I'm the one that does the training, feeding and cares for them when they are sick. Rob comes home and it's playtime. Oh well!